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Best of Spanish Style

High end fashion houses, talented young designers and inspiring street style

Spanish fashion has been playing catch-up with its reputed neighbours North of the Pyrenees and also across the Mediterranean for a while now, but it seems they have plenty of talent to showcase as you will see in the high end creations from Balenciaga, Loewe or Agatha Ruiz de la Prada to the mass market giants like Mango, Massimo Dutto or Zara.


The Colors of Spain in Oct. 2011

The Colors of Spain in Oct. 2011

Spanish Fashion has always been something special - what started last century with magnificent creations by Cristóbal Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne or Manolo Blahnik for an exclusive clientele became a global fashion phenomenon with the rise of Spanish brands like Zara, Mango or Desigual. Today Spanish...

When Fashion became pure Marketing

The perfect imitation of Creativity....

There was a time when in Fashion it was all about the genius and creativity of designers and the sheer inaccessibility of legendary brands.

When we know walk down the streets we see a different face of fashion - what started with NAFNAF or Kookai in Paris was the dawn of a revolution which should...

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