Plan your perfect fashion trip
Plan your perfect fashion trip
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What to wear in Vienna for a weekend trip

From breakfast to ballrooms

Vienna is a delightful home for princesses, philharmonics and street markets, so your holiday packing list must account for the elegance of the city.


How to enjoy a perfect city trip in style?

Let us guide you through a world of luxury and beauty

Experience a new city like never before with the help of our local insiders; what’s better than having a friend in any city you visit? Having a friend that loves fashion as much as you do and we’re happy to be that friend!


The best travel accessories to buy in 2016

New year, new travel plans

And you will need the best of the most fashionable travel accessories to make your adventures as carefree and enjoyable as possible. Here’s your shopping list:


Best Designer Travel Bags for a perfect city trip

The 5 bags you need for your getaway

Packing for a city break is not just about the clothes you choose, but also about all the travel accessories you need to prepare for an organized yet stylish trip. From make-up pouches to rolling luggage, here’s what to shop for now.

Ultimate Packing List

The Ultimate Packing list for a stylish city trip

How to pack for a weekend away

Preparing for a quick holiday? We’ll help you pack, starting with travel essentials, beauty products and how to choose the most suitable and stylish pieces from your closet.

Danielle Parets Miami Style

What to wear on a trip to Miami

A sunbathed partying town that never sleeps

Planning for a perfect trip to Miami and are stuck with an empty suitcase? Don’t worry, the beach is ready to welcome you with your best designer swimsuits, colourful short dresses and a touch of glam. Just take a look at our tips for a holiday look to help you blend in and stand out at the same time.


La Dolce Vita – Top Street style in Rome 2015

What to wear in a Roman summer

Taking a look at the streets of the Eternal City, one trend seems to rule above all. And it’s quite fitting for the romantic setting.


What to wear on a trip to Venice

Art, architecture and moonlight gondola rides

There are few experiences better than Venice in summer. You know the hotspots and the romantic movie adventures you want to recreate in the channels of Venice, but what do you wear to turn your story into a fairy tale?

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