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Viennese fashion and style with Anja

Anja Tranninger on local talent, street style and creating stories

The fashion editor of Flair Magazine takes us through a fashionista’s Vienna, her adventures in fashion journalism and her personal style.

Join us on a virtual tour of Vienna with Flair’s Anja Tranninger, who takes us through the historic streets of an elegant city and talks to us about the Viennese fashion and style and finally shares her favourite places in her Vienna Insider Guide.


Tell us something about yourself and where do you live:

I’m based in Vienna, I‘ve been working as a fashion editor for flair Germany and Austria for 4 years now. Craving for a Chinese crested dog and an alpaka, cheerful as Charlotte Olympia’s bags, multifarious as the prints on a Peter Pilotto dress, down-to-earth like a pair of Acne jeans and wanderlusty like the S/S 2014 Valentino collection.

What inspired you to work in fashion journalism?

Although I never liked to play with dolls or wear dresses I always loved going shopping with my parents and exploring new brands and designers while on travel with them. Furthermore, I never really had a special talent like singing, dancing or being absolutely outstanding in some kind of sport. But I always liked to write and make up stories. Luckily this kind of talent and my interest in fashion led to my current job.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-09 um 15.02.17(c) by Julie Brass

As a fashion editor for Flair, you know best what Austria has to offer in terms of fashion. What is the best fashion event that every fashionista must attend?

Once a year the festival for fashion and photography takes place with a focus on upcoming fashion designers. I really like their not too commercial and more avant-garde approach. There are a lot of different side events taking place at various venues.

What is the style of Austria? Is there a special Viennese fashion or style that sets you apart?

Of course there are some well dressed people like in every city but Vienna doesn’t stand out. I enjoy watching older ladies sitting in one of the traditional Viennese cafés like Prückel or Korb, who are perfectly styled, wearing their family jewels, nice dresses and valuable bags. Somehow they celebrate fashion more than the younger ones.

Do you think that Austrian fashion gets enough promotion or does is deserve more attention as a fashion city?

There is this saying: Cobbler, stick to your last! I doubt that Vienna will ever be considered a fashion city. But what we have is a wonderful culture of craftsmanship with companies like Knize, R.Horn’s or Ludwig Reiter. And there are designers who deserve to get attention, for example Arthur Arbesser, Bradaric Ohmae, Roshi Porkar, Peter Petrov, Gon, Femme Maison etc., who are on really good ways internationally.


Have you ever considered another career in fashion (designer/stylist for example) or is journalism the job of your dreams?

My job also involves styling but I couldn’t imagine only focusing on that. I am happy the way it is!

 If you were to keep just one item from your wardrobe, which would it be and why?

My Omega watch. It has been under repairs for two months now and I cannot wait to have it back!

The fashion rule to live by:

Never set fashion rules to live by.

The fashion rule to ignore:

Run after every trend.

 “Beauty is finding out who you are and developing your own style regardless of fashion trends.”

As a fashion editor, share some tips for aspiring fashion bloggers who want to follow a career in fashion journalism:

First of all, only because of blogging you are not a journalist. You have to have an extensive knowledge about fashion, always do an appropriate research, double-check all facts and be really passionate about what you are doing. It’s also important to find a way to stand out, for example finding new angles for stories or trying to get exclusive content.


If you want to get a slightly different sort of tips from Anja – from Vienna fashion to hot tourist spots – make sure to check out her Vienna Insider Guide: restaurants, parties and exquisite shopping!

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  • Sara85
    July 12, 2016 - 11:21 am

    Just planned a trio to Vienna. Thank you for the great advice and insider views.

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