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Plan your perfect fashion trip
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Top 10 Fashion stores in Vienna

Vienna has so much more to offer than Christmas markets, New Year´s concert, pastry and coffee shops.

As a travel destination, the famous capital is packed with museums and landmarks of art and culture, so it makes for a popular holiday spot, particularly during winter, due to its perfect postcard fairytale ambiance. Still, if you go there for the history and the surroundings, its high end fashion scene is what might make you want to stay a little longer.

Put your most comfortable shoes on (keep it stylish though) and walk Vienna’s paved streets in search of the perfect dress to wear to the Philharmonic’s exquisite New Year´s concert. If you want to shop in style, plan your trip accordingly, with tips and suggestions from our Vienna City Guide. No matter what your plans are in this glamorous location, your journey for the Top 10 Fashion Stores in Vienna must start on the Kohlmarkt, the high street for fashion in Austria’s capital.


If you’re a lover of classic timeless style, and who isn’t, you must start your shopping spree at Chanel’s store at Tuchlauben 1, where large elegant displays will greet you and invite you in. The store is large, modern and it gives you a great ambiance to shop in. Even if you don’t find something to your taste, which is most probably impossible, you can still get a little fashion lesson from the very competent assistants who work here. You can just sense this store loves fashion.


The next door neighbors offer a taste of Italian class in every dress, handbag or accessory. The Gucci store at Kohlmarkt 5 is an elegant establishment waiting to delight its customers with the newest collections. Within meters you’ll spot the famous bold letters spelling Giorgio Armani (Kohlmarkt 3). Here you can shop for various products, from those classic grey coats in this winter’s collection to dressing up your gentleman in a suit like those you’ve once seen Richard Gere wear. Close by you’ll be charmed by an air of British elegance, with Burberry’s (Kohlmarkt 2) sales assistants ready to greet you with an infectious smile and plenty of good advice. The selection is constantly updated and there are plenty of accessories to choose from, the tourists’ favourites.

Take a few more steps down the road and you’ll find yourself in “the best place in the world, where nothing bad can take place.” Holy Golightly wasn’t too far from the truth when she said that, the only misfortune you could ever encounter here is not being lucky enough to buy the whole store. Step inside Tiffany & Co. at Kohlmarkt 8-10, have a glass of champagne, read on the history of the brand and feast your eyes with some of the most spectacular pieces of jewelry. If you want a dress to match your new Tiffany’s necklace, right across the street, you can browse the impressive selection at Dolce & Gabbana’s Vienna store.


At one end of this pedestrian street starts the new Golden Quarter, a developing high-end shopping area, with the Louis Vuitton flagship (Tuchlauben 3-7) signaled by its imposing logo ruling over an impressive space. With its three floors of clothing, jewelry and notorious handbags, a visit here feels like a museum tour. Just around the corner is Hermès (Graben 22), presenting its silk scarfs, evening gowns, sporty daywear and gorgeous leather boots in an elegant refined space.

The British Queen of Punk fits like a baroque glove on the streets of Vienna. Vivienne Westwood’s store (Tuchlauben 12) displays some wonderful pieces inspired by old royal fashion, some of which could have represented appropriate attire in Vienna’s historic times. The heart of the old town keeps improving the shopping experience of its customers by constantly gathering new additions to its portfolio, like Prada, Miu Miu or Saint Laurent all open since the end of 2013.

If you’re looking for a different and more bohemian shopping experience, the 7tm initiative is one to follow. Located in the 7th district, this project aims to offer an alternative to busy boulevards and shopping malls, by reuniting around two dozen local designers and a few high end brands like Furla and Lacoste. By developing the fashion trade in this area, they plan to offer a complete palette of contemporary art, with museums, galleries, cafés and fashion exhibits in one location. See classical masterpieces, try a cream pastry, get a cup of tea, buy a quality bag to keep all your souvenirs and deeply enjoy all that Vienna has to offer.

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