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A glass of pink champagne with Dana Mannarino

Fashion, champagne and all things NYC

The pint-sized blogger behind Pink Champagne Problems tells us about her adventures in the fashion industry, her beverage of choice and style tales from the top fashion capital.

Did I mention champagne enough yet? Wrong! There’s never enough champagne, so here we go again. Meet Dana Mannarino: fashion blogger, menswear lover, hockey fan, champagne aficionado.

The three things we need to know about you:

I can drink champagne all day long, I’m only 5’2, and I have a love affair with New York City.

 How big is a fashion blogger’s closet?

Want me to be honest? I probably have the smallest closet in the world. I can barely fit my things in it! Ooops.


NYFW seems to have the craziest street style. Is that really the style of NYC? And how would you define yours?

When I think of New York, I don’t think of street style during NYFW – I truly believe NYFW is just a chance for people to go crazy with their styles, and sometimes it doesn’t even reflect their personal style. For me, when I think of New York style, I can define it by the neighborhood I’m in. The Upper East Side has very different style than TriBeCa.

As for myself, I tend to gravitate towards classic pieces that I’ll get a ton of wear out of and then I like to casually mix in some edgy pieces too!

Those moments where you look up and think, “Wow, do I actually live here?” Those are the best.

Is menswear just for men or did you sneak in some Perry Ellis pieces into your wardrobe?

I wear our sweaters all the time! One of our designers wears a sweater as a dress and belts it. But that’s just how we do things here! Ever since I started working in menswear, I love seeing how women incorporate menswear trends into their style: an oversized button up, loafers, a wide-brimmed hat.


What’s the biggest lesson you learned since joining the #VeryPerry family?

Organization is seriously key.  As a merchandiser, I need to be super on top of things – checking in on our design teams making sure everything is ready on time for market; asking sales team if they need anything or need to update the line based on consumer needs. Sometimes it gets exhausting, but I literally carry my notebook everywhere throughout the day!

Time to take the most difficult decision: champagne or cashmere?

Seriously?! Ugh. I think I’d have to choose champagne. Does that make me look bad? 😉 (Editor’s note: No, it does not, I’m with you)


Tell us a little about the 101 in 1001 challenge. Finding 101 goals sounds almost as difficult as actually achieving them. What is the most challenging thing left on your list?

I was inspired by Mackenzie of Design Darling to start my own 101 in 1001 list last year. Yes, it’s been difficult, but it’s really rewarding to find myself crossing a ton of things off my list! The hardest ones are the goals that include me making some sort of life decision, because who knows if I’ll be able to make a decision like that in the next year — but I’m going to try!!!

If the challenge sounds tempting, you can read more about it on Dana’s blog. And while you’re there, make sure to check out her FB, Twitter and stylish Instagram. Last, but definitely not least, make sure to take a look at Dana’s New York Insider Guide, where she (virtually) shows you around her favourite places in town. If you’re lucky, you might run into her at Flute Midtown, with a glass of champagne in hand.

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