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Find out the 10 reasons why you should visit Moscow from fashion stylist Sasha


A cool insider guide of Moscow made by a stylish Russian fashionista

The capital of Russia is one of the most exciting cities in the world and the fashion scene here is more and more intense. Stylist Sasha gave us 10 reasons why we should definitely visit Moscow.

Who is Sasha?

My name is Sasha and I’m from Moscow. I studied book editing in university, but things turned out in such a way that I became a stylist. I can call myself a free-spirited soul. I adore music. It inspires me so much. I also love traveling, reading and learning new languages (I can call it my other passion). My last language course was Portuguese and now I’m dreaming of visiting Brazil.

Discover the 10 reasons why to visit Moscow

When and how did you become interested in fashion and styling?

Despite the fact that I always tried to express myself through the clothes that I wore, I first became interested in fashion in the last few classes of school. At first, I just wanted to look good, just wanted to know the secret of how to achieve that. My self-education took a few years and at the mid of my student years I realised that I am able to style things not only for myself, but for others too and I was insanely dreaming of that.

So, every time you create an outfit, you need to remember one golden rule – less is more.

What are the secrets of creating a perfect outfit? Give us a few tips.

The idea of a perfect outfit is a matter of personal taste. My two main secrets are an accurate balance of elements and a pinch of carelessness as the main accessory. The right outfit for me is the one which does not look as if you’ve spent too many hours in front of the mirror. At the same time there is always a risk of adding too much (accessories, playful elements or textures). So, every time you create an outfit, you need to remember one golden rule – less is more.

Discover the 10 reasons why to visit Moscow

Photo from an editorial styled by Sasha

The city: Moscow

Moscow is big. I mean,  it is really, really big. The amount of inhabitants defines the look of the city and the tempo of living. It doesn’t have a clear integrated feeling like our second capital – Saint-Petersburg. Moscow is eclectic and discrepant. It is made up of many different puzzles. It is a city of students and businessmen, old intellectuals and workers from adjoining countries, hipsters and gilded youth, creatives and office managers. I am happy to see many positive changes and movements that happened in Moscow during the last years. It became more modern, interesting and friendly.

10 reasons why to visit Moscow

1. Sok Cafe. A great place for all kinds of vegetarians and lovers of art. It is located in front of the famous Tretyakov Gallery.  You can visit it and have lunch afterwards, inside or on summer terrace. You can also skin through art books there.

2. No Wave Store. This shop has unique second hand and vintage clothing.

3. Masterskaya Club&Theatre. A conceptual cultural place in the historical center of the city, which is 3 in 1: music club, theatre and bar. For those who want to see, smell and feel the cultural life of modern Moscow.

4. Lambada Market. One of the biggest markets with independent Russian designer brands and with a lot of vintage clothes. It is held once or twice a month.

5. Double B Coffee&Tea Bar. The best coffee in the city at a reasonable price.

Discover the 10 reasons why to visit Moscow

6. Museum of USSR. Museum devoted to the Russian way of life throughout the 20th century. I think it’s an interesting place to see for people from other countries.

7. Tsvetnoy Central Market. Shopping centre with my favourite selection of brands, both Russian and foreign. Absolutely worth visiting.

8. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. A place for art lovers, with different changing expositions. From avant-gardism to postmodernism and nonconformism.

9. Alberta Ferretti store

10. Respublika Bookshop. A place with a great atmosphere and many wonderful books, music on vinyl, gadgets and other pretty useful stuff.

Your favourite fashion designer stores from Moscow ?

Alberta Ferretti, Etro, Miu Miu.

Any Russian designers you like?

Last season I discovered A.W.A.K.E. and desperately fell in love with its winter collection, with models looking like Pre-Raphaelites muses. I also love small brand Isla with its medieval-vibes dresses, dream coats by Sonya Soltes and a new brand ARnouveau that presents modern and mainly minimalist designs.

Discover the 10 reasons why to visit Moscow

Photo from an editorial styled by Sasha

Where do you usually like to go shopping? What are your favourite brands?

My usual place for shopping is the web. I love boho, so Free People could be my only destination if I had an unlimited credit card. I also like Front Row Shop for its unique designs and prices. In addition to that, I adore the Agent Provocateur lingerie.

Who are your favourite fashion icons?

It’s always a difficult question for me. I get inspiration from different outfits or typical elements of style, but if  we talk about a person, I am absolutely in love with Miroslava Duma’s sense of style.

Discover the 10 reasons why to visit Moscow

If you are looking for even more reasons to visit Moscow, make sure you have a look at the insider guide made by Sasha on Wearona. If you have even better tips and hotspots to suggest, sign up and create your own insider guide.

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