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The Upcoming Fashion Democracy

It's our intention to offer some glimpses into the emerging Viennese fashion art scene. As all this is about New Fashion we decided to introduce first. The company owned and operated by the designer Anna Rihl...

… and the photographer Moritz Baier represents an innovative showcase for “open sourced” production of fashion.

Their website and software platform enables young talents to upload their design sketches. Out of the uploaded designs the website’s users will vote every month their favorite drafts.

The one design with the most votes will get produced and distributed by the useabrand team. This happens online and through their flagship store located in Vienna’s hippest district. The original designer will get his interest out of every unit sold. A value proposition already more than 100 users per month are applying for.

We also did an interview with Anna and Moritz about all the details of running their fashion business. During the upcoming weeks we will release it as a video on Vimeo and on our site.

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