The Colors of Spain in Oct. 2011

The Colors of Spain in Oct. 2011

Spanish Fashion has always been something special - what started last century with magnificent creations by Cristóbal Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne or Manolo Blahnik for an exclusive clientele became a global fashion phenomenon with the rise of Spanish brands like Zara, Mango or Desigual. Today Spanish...

… streetfashion still has the elegance and style but of course is heavily influenced by the apparel giants named above. Our Trend Fashion Analysis for October 2011 is based on four of the most representative fashion bloggers for this special Spanish look. Our personal favourite Angela (Madame de Rosa, see below) shows a kind of alternative vintage look mixed with classic Spanish elements and colors while Kuka, Natalia and Jessie represent the modern Spanish look.

According to the TFA the Trend Colors are shades of Brown and Mustard, with some tones in Green and Old Rose.


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