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Report from Vienna Fashion week

Report from Vienna Fashion week

Last week Vienna was blooming with scents of fashion while it was hosting the international MQ Vienna Fashion Week (VFW). Within 6 days more than 70 designers, mainly from Austria presented their creations in more than 40 fashion shows and several thousand visitors. In parallel a Fashioncamp brought...

… together the most active Austrian and German bloggers and a few fashion startups. We took our time and visited almost all events, shows and after parties and here we reflect a short overview of what happened during this week.
Vienna Fashion Overload
The Fashion week started with the Show of the Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. In my opinion the so-called “star” designers that opened the VFW did not really deserve such a big attention as they presented rather conventional and sometimes disappointing clothes. Especially some of the shows made part of the audience almost fall asleep. Michel Mayer’s collection had elegant and clear dresses.

The happening of the frist day was the act of the Austrian marketing duo “Gebrüder Stitch”. They made a fashion performance that broke the previous traditional catwalk performances with an interesting choreography, showing a modern Cinderella which looses her jeans and the handsome prince charming who finds them. Lots of action on the catwalk accompanied with very nice animations.

The next days we saw many different shows (some good, some better), mostly giving the right impression that Vienna has a grown up fashion scene which is on its way to compete with some of the world’s renowned brands.

The highlights and audience favorites were: Marcel Ostertag, Tiberius, Kayiko, Mangelware and the absolute favorite was the mixture of the 50’s retro aesthetics with 80’s punk elements from Lena Hoschek. This collection received standing ovations from the excited auditorium.

On Saturday there was an event in the Le Meridien hotel, the posh “Style up your life” gathering that brought an impressive show from Patricia Pepe, anouncing also the opening of the new PP shop in Vienna. A small surprise that night was the goodie I have got – the Vivienne Westwood SIGG botle in limited edition, hehe…

The Last day finished with the collections from the artists in residence of the Viennese Museumsquartier- the cultural Mecca in the center of Vienna where this whole event took place. The “Spaghetti Gangbang” presented very rural/ethnographic and futuristic usage of carpets as clothes material. The last show was by Anouk Wipprecht, a young designer that works in the field of wearables fashion. The main accent was given to her “Pseudomorphs” dress that has a system of pneumatics which releases drops of colors that are slowly changing the garment look.

And without any spectacular fireworks, deeply prepared speech or crazy after party – only by some voice on the microphone: ”The fashion week is over, please leave the tent” – the Vienna fashion week finished. Somehow everyone expected that after so many happenings this event could have a more proper and festive closing.

For the future my personal three proposals:
1. Avoid to make the event at te same time as the Top European fashion weeks (London, Milan) – then a more international audience can attend
2. Involve a bigger variety of models and faces on the catwalk
3. Make the “Afterparty” events more compact and announce the event ending with style and proper respect

But all in all, we give sincere congratulations to the team of the MQ Vienna Fashion Week that organized this 6 days of fashion. It is remarkable how smoothly they coordinated and performed such a complicated event. In the same time their contribution in adding Vienna to the list of world’s fashion metropolis is priceless. Thank you Vienna fashion week, you rocked.

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