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Plan your perfect fashion trip
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Create your own fashion

Create your own fashion is the world´s first fashion platform where designers from all over the world can upload their fashion designs and expose them to a worldwide audience.

Moritz and Ana are the guilty ones for bringing this unique concept to life. Useabrand offers a chance for anyone to create and distribute...

… an fashion end-product with an ease. They have a very cute flagship store in the heart of the Vienna hipsters 7th district.
It doesn’t matter if you are young or old- if you can hold a pencil, you can design!
At useabrand, everyone can design fashion from the ground up- you can upload a quick sketch of your latest idea or submit a finished draft, all details included.

Members of the community then vote in order to decide which designs make the grade. Within a few weeks, clothing of the winning designs will be available for purchase in useabrand’s online and in the flagship Vienna shop. Useabrand design winners receive 5 Euros for each article of their design sold.

So no excuse, take the pencil and start creating your own fashion!

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