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Iconic prints, lots of color and great services. These just some of the reasons why shopping at the Emilio Pucci online store is fun and enjoyable. Are there any downsides?

We took a closer look at one of our favorite Italian brands and experienced an online shopping session at the Emilio Pucci online store. We discovered a modern label with a new vision that still keeps the core of the complex aristocrat from Florence that created this legendary fashion empire. So we have some tips and tricks for a great e-boutique stroll around the racks. We considered product selection, customer service, prices and quality, design and user experience.

Discover the shopping experience at the Emilio Pucci online store

Product Selection

The Emilio Pucci online store offers apparel, accessories and special items. In the first category you have beachwear, dresses, jackets, pants, tops and skirts. Actually, beachwear is the first thing you’ll see once you enter this e-boutique. Probably because the Spring/Summer 2016 line is now available, so it’s all “fun in the sun” mode. You can still shop your favorite pieces of the Resort 2016 collection, Massimo Giorgetti’s debut at the label, but you might not find the exact size you’re looking for.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

Bags, shoes, small leather items, the famous Pucci scarves, quirky belts and hats are other creations you’ll love. Then, there are the special items like the Pilot bag or art books. The cotton knot pilot bag is kind of the star of the collection as it has a campaign link on the main page of the e-boutique. It is only available by reservation only.

The art books are also something special. They are written by Vanessa Friedman and are published by Taschen, the German art book publisher. Each copy is unique and it’s bound in different printed Pucci fabrics. Inside you’ll discover hundreds of sketches and candid images which all tell the story of Emilio Pucci, a creative genius and a brand of worldwide renown.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

What we also saw as special are the Pucci colorful scarves. Especially the ones in the Cities of the World category. You’ll find a separate link for them in the left side menu. Each is inspired by one of the nine cities Pucci selected and the print is hand drawn by the artists of the Florentine brand. The colors are pure, traditional Pucci shades. Not to mention they come in special boxes with the name of each city printed on them.

Massimo’s Pilot Episode

Then there’s the Pilot Episode section, Massimo Giorgetti’s vision at Pucci, a mix between the brand’s essence and modern trends. There is a promotional video, as one might expect just by reading the title and then there is an atypical online store, one that is more appropriate for fashionistas who like to discover the story behind a piece of clothing or a designer item.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online storeDiscover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

It’s a mix between an e-boutique and an interactive mood board. You have various images and links to certain categories in the e-shop like “dresses”, “bags” or “small leather goods” and then there are several images from runway shows, backstage. It’s a more detailed story of the collection, but the products are the same as the ones in the main Emilio Pucci online shop.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

The photos that are complete runway looks (which look like campaign/lookbook images) are more like an online (quick) shopping catalogue. You can just click on an item you like and shop within minutes. After scrolling down, up to the end, you’ll find a short and clear explanation of Pilot Episode – “The exotic summers of Emilio Pucci in the now reinterpretation of Massimo Giorgetti.”

Rate: 4/5

Service & Customer Care

Emilio Pucci has understood the power of the Internet and it has made availability essential as part of its modernisation process. Developing the e-commerce branch for your brand is a great way to preserve its core, despite what some iconic luxury companies might believe. The Emilio Pucci online store ships to 53 states all over the world and it adaps automatically to your location.

Express shipping can take up to 8 days, depending on the country your are ordering from. Costs also vary, for the same reason. In average, you pay about €20 for standard shipping. You can retunr one of the products you’ve ordered in 15 days from the delivery date. All you need to do is go online and fill in the Return Form.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

You’ll find it under “Returns”. What I particularly loved about the Emilio Pucci online store is that it adapts information to your location. So, for example, if you click on Shipping, you will get the exact time and cost for the delivery of a product at your front door. Also, for a return, your package is picked up, so you won’t have to go crazy with that.

And if you’re thinking about buying a gift, you should know that you get boutique-quality packaging with lovely Pucci boxes for all your purchases. And I did mention the great Cities of the World scarves which have their own colorful boxes.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

For Pilot Episode (the collection I told you about) there’s an interesting campaign to get people to sign up. It implies signing up with your email address and so, you’ll be the first to find out about the new vision for Emilio Pucci. They also promise a gift for those signing up. You have the main menu in the upper part of the website and a linkto the actual Emilio Pucci online store in the upper right corner.

Rate: 5/5

Price vs. Quality

Pucci is an iconic Italian brand born in Florence and with an impressive story. Actually, Emilio Pucci, its founder, marked the post-war fashion world by his drive to offer women freedom of movement. This is one of the reasons he strived to find new fabrics which would follow the natural curves of the body. He caught the attention of the American press with a sky costume he had designed.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

His stretch silk and cotton jerseys were weightless, unlined, and wrinkle-proof – precursors for a modern, travel-friendly wardrobe that captivated a new generation of modern, active women.”

In the ’50s he was crowned the Prince of Prints, thanks to the now-legendary colorful prints that he developed by drawing inspiration from the world around him: the Mediterranean Sea, Sicily etc. This core of the brand has been preserved to this day and you will se a lot of items that can be easily categorized as fun, sexy, playful fashion. Innovative prints, drawings and color mixes that make the items in the Emilio Pucci online store so desirable.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

Compared to the heritage of the label, prices are not that high. You can shop amazing dresses for under €1.000 and the same goes for bags. Of cours, more special pieces exceed that bar, but are still under €2.000. Statement pieces straight from the runway made using high quality prices can cost over €5.000, but there aren’t many like that. If you are looking for a gift and you’re on a budget, you’ll be happy to see that there are fabulous finds for under €200. Despite the lack of a Sales section, you won’t feel like you’re breaking the bank.

Rate: 5/5

Design & User Experience

The Emilio Pucci online store is very easy to use, despite being quite complex. It addresses different buyers. Fashionistas that are interested in the design process or jet-setting divas that like to get in, click and get out. The homepage has some campaigns which promote It products of the season or a certain service like gift packaging.

Discover the best shopping tips for the Emilio Pucci online store

You have interactive videos, campaigns and lookbooks to scroll through. Then there’s the Pilot Episode section which is a whole different story. It’s complex and it helps fans and customers understand the vision of new designer of the house, Masimo Giorgetti. The website is a great way to interact and relate to his work.

Each product page has great quality images and a video of the designs. You can zoom in and read the descriptions and info on what you’re interested in, see the other recommendations or just get back to the main category easily. Shopping from the Emilio Pucci online store on mobile is just as fun. It goes really fast and you shouldn’t have any problems, if you have a good Internet connection.

Rate: 5/5


Total: 19/20

If you love online shopping and you’re a fan of Emilio Pucci, we would love to hear from you. Just write your opinions, recommendations or critics below in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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