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Model and blogger Amina gives us some valuable tips on shopping in London


And some tips for shopping in London from Amina

Amina is a beautiful girl from Morocco living in the capital of the United Kingdom. She is a blogger, model, actress and a personal shopper. She talked to Wearona about her work and favourite things to do in the city and gave us some insider tips about shopping in London.

Who is Amina?

I’m 28 years old and have been working as a model for over 13 years in my home country Morocco, Europe and the Middle East. I still model once in a while. My father is Moroccan and my mother is from Finland. Three years ago, I opened a fashion and beauty consulting agency in Casablanca together with my mother. I also have a fashion and beauty blog. I’m living in London and working as a personal shopper since October 2014. Fashion is also my main hobby, my true passion since I was a little girl. I have also tried acting and played one of the main roles in a historical Moroccan TV series last year. A 2nd season of the series will be shot this spring.

Amina Allam has the best tips for visiting and shopping in London

How did you become interested in fashion and blogging?

Fashion has always been my passion. As a model, I learned a lot about the fashion industry and couldn’t really think about working in any other sector than fashion. I also studied cosmetics and make-up in Montreal before opening my agency. Starting a blog seemed only natural to share my ideas together with some useful tips, although I didn’t think, at the beginning, that blogging would become such an important part of my life.

You are also a fashion consultant. What is important when you establish the style of a person?

There are several things to be taken into consideration: the person’s lifestyle, age, profession, morphology, personal taste, skin/eye/hair color, etc. I always discuss with my clients to find out as much as I can about them in order to be able to help them properly. My client tells me what her problems/worries are and I suggest how I think it is best to solve them. The final decision is always made together with the client, because that person must feel comfortable in the clothes we decide to buy for her.

Tell us about your personal style. What kind of looks do you prefer?

I love trying different styles, both chic and casual. I don’t really have a preference, it depends of my mood and what I’ll be doing during the day. However, I love luxury shoes and bags which always give a chic touch to just about any outfit or style. I frequently mix luxury accessories with basic clothing.

Which is your favourite look for the season?

There are many trends I love about this spring’s collections. I’m definitely a fan of sneakers! They are so comfy and great to wear and many brands have such beautiful sneakers in their collections. I also love culotte pants which are one of this spring’s trendy items. They are so much fun to wear and can easily be mixed with many kinds of tops both in a casual and/or chic way.

Amina Allam has the best tips for visiting and shopping in London

Which are your favourite fashion brands?

Chanel, Valentino, Balmain, Elie Saab, MiuMiu, Alexander McQueen, Maje, Sandro, Ted Baker, the list is long…

Why London? What do you like/dislike about the city?

I love just about everything about London except for 3 things: the high cost of public transportation, expensive housing and the cold weather. The city is very cosmopolitan and rich in culture. There’s always something to do. It’s difficult to get bored in London. People are also friendly everywhere and it’s quite pleasant to live in this city.

10 things to do in London

1. Odeon Whiteleys – a movie theatre where you can watch a film and dine at the same time.
2. Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre. An unforgettable show.
3. The Arts Club – had lunch in this place and loved it. It’s a membership club at 40 Dover Street Mayfair.
4. Hydrofit – an individual aqua fitness and spa, 278 Fulham road sw10 9ew – I just started waterbiking in this place and I simply love it! Such a fun way to exercise and to stay fit.
5. The Breakfast Club – love going to this place for Sunday brunch with my friends. They have several locations in London. I’m used to going to the one at 33 D’Arbalay street in Soho.

Amina Allam has the best tips for visiting and shopping in London
6. Sotheby’s Art Gallery at the New Bond St is one of my favorite art galleries.
7. Hyde Park. I love walking in the park. It’s almost like not being in a big city. I simply walk around and listen to music and to birds.
8. Ladurée at Harrods is a great place – I love their macarons. The best!
9. Urban Retreat at Harrods is the paradise for ladies and gents who want to be pampered. They offer a large range of services from manicure to a Moroccan hammam.
10. Natural History Museum, Cromwell Rd, SW7 5BD. A great place for all history and nature lovers to spend time.

Tell us about the fashion scene in London. How do people prefer to dress? 

Walking in the he streets of London is like permanently being at a fashion show. All styles can be seen in the streets and I love the way people use their imagination to create their own personal styles.

Describe a normal day for you in London. What do you do, where do you like to go for relaxation…

Most of the time, I spend mornings taking care of my blog and answering mails and messages. I also work on my various projects outside UK and go for photo shoots for my blog. In the afternoons, I usually work and go shopping in London with my clients. Since I spend a lot of time shopping for my clients, I continuously see the latest fashion trends which inspire me for my own looks. Whenever I have some free time, I love just walking around the city with my iPod, listening to my favorite music and discovering the city.

What are your professional plans for the future?

I’m planning to stay in London for at least a few more months, although I’ll also be traveling to Morocco this spring for work. I’m working on a certain number of projects that I hope to be able to finalize in the near future. I will also continue acting as much as possible. Fashion and beauty will hopefully be my cup of tea even in the future.

If you want to learn more about how Amina’s life in the city, check out the great insider guide she made for the Wearona community. You will also discover the designer stores where she likes to go shopping in London.

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