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Raquel Paiva reveals ten cool hings to do in New York


10 stylish things to do in New York

Many people only dream about moving to New York and fighting for their goals. Raquel made the move and is now an ascending fashion blogger. She loves her life here and she decided to share some of the coolest places in the city with Wearona.

New York City offers endless possibilities of spending one’s time. But it takes a real insider to know all the best ones. Raquel is a fashion student and blogger living in the city of dreamers, as she describes it. She let us in on some cool things to do in New York and gave us a very candid interview.

Who is Raquel?

I am 23 years old, I am from Brazil but I am currently living in NYC because I go to college here. I am a fashion student, and I believe there isn’t any other better place to study this field than here. I love NYC and I enjoy spending time outside, getting inspired from all the people I see.

Raquel Paiva reveals ten cool hings to do in New York


How did you become interested in fashion and blogging?

I can’t remember when my passion for fashion began, but since a very young age I used to love shopping and I was very into magazines. I was also the person who my friends called for advice on what to wear. After moving to USA and developing my passion, I had to create my blog,, to share everything that inspires me.

There are so many bloggers out there. How do you set yourself apart and keep your readers interested?

I guess there isn’t really a secret, except just being myself. Sometimes it gets harder because we want to compare ourselves to the top bloggers, but I try to always be true to myself and let my voice and opinion be the focus of my posts. And also when styling my clothes, I am perfectly aware of what looks good on me or not and I respect my boundaries.

Tell us about your personal style. What kind of looks do you prefer?

It really depends on the occasion and on my mood. I would say that I wear more of a casual and sporty chic style on a daily basis, but sometimes I like to play with my clothes, mixing some styles, adding more accessories and having fun.

What are your must-have items for Spring/Summer 2015?

Gladiator and platform sandals, round sunglasses and also mirrored ones, crochet crop tops, destroyed boyfriend jeans and wide legged jeans, skirts of all lengths.

What are your favourite fashion brands?

Zara, All Saints and Topshop.

Describe NEW YORK in a few words. What does this city represent for you?

City of dreamers.

10 stylish things to do in New York City

1. Brooklyn Flea Market – Great place to find cool clothes, jewelry, house stuff and so on.
2. Casa – Brazilian restaurant that serves delicious dishes from my beloved country.
3. Nite Hawk – Movies screened with global fare and craft cocktails served at patrons’ seats.
4. Happy Bones – Super photogenic coffee shop.
5. Ace Hotel – Cool location and decoration, ideal for some drinks before heading to a party.

Raquel tells us ten cool things to do in New York

6. Jane Hotel – They turn their lobby into a dance floor and play the greatest hits of the moment.
7. Barrio 47 – One of my favorite restaurants in the City.
8. Wythe Hotel – I love their rooftop with the view of Manhattan.
9. Brooklyn Bowl – Place where I can meet my friends, have some food, drinks and play bowling! Fun guaranteed.
10. Steep Rock Bouldering – Rock climbing gym, a place to have fun and great way to exercise.
Tell us about the fashion scene in New York. How do people prefer to dress? What kind of events do you take part in?

Tell us about the street style in NYC.

New York is a city with very open-minded people when it comes to style, and that is the beauty of this place. There is not one way to dress, nothing is wrong. Here everyone feels comfortable to wear whatever they want. And believe me, you can see all these different styles when you walk around the city.

Raquel Paiva reveals ten cool hings to do in New York

Describe a normal day in your life. What do you do, where do you like to go for relaxation…

I am a morning person, so I am usually up around 7. I love to cook a delicious breakfast, unless I need to go somewhere early in the morning. Breakfast is my favorite meal and I love to eat different things each day and make sure I get all the nutrients I need for my busy day. I usually go to school in the morning and then to the gym. I normally eat lunch near my school, most of the days at Pret a Manger or Whole Foods. I come home after 3 pm and sit down to answer emails, prepare a next shoot or work on a new post. Sometimes, I need to go on a run to get my brain working better and clear my thoughts. For dinner, I cook or I eat out, but it really depends on the day. I go to bed around 10 pm so I can recharge my energies for the next day.

I noticed fitness is an important part of your life. What is your favourite type of training?

Fitness became my big help overcoming my anxieties and homesickness. I love to try new classes and there are so many in NYC! My favorites are the ones that require a lot of moving and sweat. Lately I have been very into boxing.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

I recently went to California for the first time and it blew my mind! I loved the variety of things to do there – from great beaches to amazing shops and restaurants. I can’t wait to go back.

Raquel Paiva reveals ten cool hings to do in New York

What are your professional plans for the future?

I try to plan my future all the time, but there is not really a way to do it. We never know what our lives can bring to us. Right now I am focusing on doing my best at school and once I graduate I will figure out from there.

Now that you have a clue about the coolest things to do in New York, you must have a look on Raquel’s insider guide for the cosmopolitan metropolis. If you want to share your favorite hotspots in the city, sign up in the Wearona community and create your own insider guide. If you get positive reviews, you will be named our top ambassador.

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