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Cissy, the Girl in the Bunny Ears gave us ten reasons why to visit Sydney


10 reasons to visit Sydney from The Girl in the Bunny Ears

Sydney is a versatile city which has a very lively fashion scene. Cissy, a blogger from the most populous city in Australia, decided to let us in on her amazing lifestyle, shoots and hotspots she likes to visit.

Cissy is now a full-time model and blogger. She is known for her blog, The Girl in the Bunny Ears and the amazing editorial photo shoots she posts together with her brother, Warren, The Boy in the Black Bow Tie. Cissy talked to us about her career, her life in the city and gave us 10 reasons to visit Sydney.

Who is Cissy?

I am 25 and last month quit my full time job as an actuary to become a fashion blogger and model. So I guess my full time job is now being in front of the camera. My blog is called The Girl in the Bunny Ears. It is all about storytelling and sharing editorial photos. I also have two bunny rabbits, hence my love for bunnies and their ears!

Cissy, the Girl in the Bunny Ears gave us 10 reasons to visit Sydney

How did you become interested in fashion?

I have always loved the beauty and creativity of fashion. I’m also a shopaholic with a huge wardrobe. So, becoming a fashion blogger was an easy decision.

Tell us about your personal style. What kind of looks do you prefer?

My personal style is very chic. A lot of black and white and tailored pieces. On lazy days I love a more laid back outfit with comfy shoes.

I know you had some photos for an outfit taken underwater. What inspires you for your shoots? The photos are stunning.

My underwater shoot was an amazing experience. But also a lot of hard work holding my breath and working in the water for hours. When I do a fashion shoot I always try and come up with something new and magical. Every picture needs to tell a story.

Cissy, the Girl in the Bunny Ears gave us 10 reasons to visit Sydney

10 reasons to visit Sydney

1. Messina Gelato in Surry Hills. My favourite spot for a quick sweet treat. Worth the long queue.

2. Outdoor gym at Bondi Beach. Really cool outdoor gym if you are brave enough to work out in public. Or just to check out some fit guys.

3. Pitt Street Mall. For all the great shopping.

4. The Winery in Surry Hills. Great place for some wine and food. Amazing relaxing vibe.

5. Luna Park in Milsons Point. For the kid inside.

6. Dudley Page Reserve in Dover Heights. I always come here on my runs. It has amazing views of Sydney.

7. Darling Quarter in Darling Harbour. Heaps of nice restaurants and cafes around here. I used to come here all the time when I was working in the city.

8. Cronulla Beach and Sand Dunes. A really nice beach but itself. But even more amazing with vast sand dunes at the north side. I always visit here for great photoshoot opportunities.

9. Outdoor pool at Coogee beach. Really nice spot for a morning dip.

Cissy, the Girl in the Bunny Ears gave us 10 reasons to visit Sydney

10. Botannical Gardens in Sydney. A lovely area to explore. I do a lot of fashion shoots here so maybe you will bump into me there.

Which are your favourite fashion brands?

I love getting basic chic pieces from ZARA. Or if I feel like some crazy midnight shopping, I will go to ASOS. I also love to shop at Miu Miu and MaxMara.

Who is your favourite style icon?

I have to say Cleopatra. A woman full of charm, drama and influence. Known not only for her beauty, but also her intellect and power.

What is your favourite travel destination and why?

Hawaii. Tropical getaway + Shopping = Heaven

Tell us about the fashion scene in Sydney.

I would say it is a mix of everything. Different suburbs have different atmospheres and styles. Really chilled at Bondi Beach to really hipster at Newtown to more sophisticated in the city.

What type of fashion events do you participate in?

I love going to runway shows to see new and upcoming designs. The atmosphere at a runway show is always so fierce and spectacular.

Tell us about your joint online project with your brother, also a blogger.

The Girl in the Bunny Ears has a brother, The Boy in the Black Bow Tie. Together they travel the world and explore and share beautiful things. Warren and I have our own separate blogs, but our blog personas are brother and sister and they love to explore together.

Cissy, the Girl in the Bunny Ears gave us 10 reasons to visit Sydney

We do a major editorial collaboration together each month. I love working with Warren as we have the same creative spirit and both love editorial shoots.

What plans do you have for the future?

My plan for the future is to always be able to share and inspire. I hope that I will always be able to share beauty to the world. The Girl in the Bunny Ears and the Boy in the Black Bow Tie have many plans to travel the world and we are looking forward to sharing our journeys with everyone.

If you are planning to visit Sydney, check out the stylish guide Cissy made for the city. If you want to create your own guide, just sign up and become a member of the Wearona community.

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