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Sylvie gave us ten reasons why to visit Helsinki


10 reasons to visit Helsinki

Sylvie is a model, blogger and aspiring stylist. She lives in Finland and agreed to show us around Helsinki. We wrote down her most important tips and hotspots and, at the same time, got to know her a little better.

Sylvie is a young blogger who gave us some good reasons why to visit Helsinki, the capital of Finland. She described a day in the city and the places you need to see if you are planning a stylish city break.

Who is Sylvie?

I’m 23 years old and I’m originally from Rwanda, but I live in Finland now. I’m a fashion blogger and I’m also studying French. My hobbies include reading, visiting art galleries, hanging out with friends and family, doing Pilates and modelling.

Sylvie Mus, a stylish blogger, gave us 10 reasons why to visit Helsinki

How did you become interested in fashion and blogging?

I’ve always been interested in fashion! I started first by collecting fashion magazines for inspiration and then later I thought of creating my own place where I can express my love for fashion and share my style with others and, hopefully, inspire people.

I really like your style. It is somewhat minimalistic, basic, but it does not lack personality. How do you choose the pieces that you buy when you go shopping?

When I go shopping I usually have in mind an outfit that I wanna create, so I always have an idea of what I’m looking for. That helps me avoid buying clothes that I won’t really wear. I also try to avoid the obvious trends that everyone else is wearing.

What are your favourite brands or shopping stores?

Some of my favorite brands are Ganni and Acne, but I shop in many different stores. At the moment I’ve been shopping a lot at Zara and Weekday.

10 reasons to visit Helsinki

1. Iguana. A fun restaurant to go to with a group of friends.

2. Beanie. My favourite cozy cafe where I go to write on my blog.

3. Elixia. A big gym with many programs like Pilates.

4. Kiasma museum. A good place to find contemporary art.

5. Namu. One of my favourite night clubs.

Sylvie Mus, a stylish blogger, gave us 10 reasons why to visit Helsinki

Namu Club in Helsinki | Photo credit:

6. Finnkino theaters. The best place to watch movies.

7. Flamingo Hotel. Relaxing spa with a cool swimming pool.

8. Flow Festival. The best festival place in Helsinki in the summer.

9. Aleksanterinkatu (Alexander’s street). A street with many good shops.

10. Hesperia Park. My favourite park in the city.

Tell us two of your favourite designer stores where we should go if we visit Helsinki.

1. Louis Vuitton

2. Chanel

What do you like/dislike about Helsinki?

I like the fact that Helsinki is a big city and the people here are very open minded. There is always so much going on here! I dislike the traffic here, especially during rush hour.


Tell us about the fashion scene in Helsinki. How do people prefer to dress? What kind of events do you take part in?

I’ve noticed that many people like to wear black and other dark colours. Some people are very stylish and like to stand out and others just prefer to blend in. I like to go to fashion events, some of them organised by fashion magazines or different stores. And some fashion events I go to are modelling gigs.

How does a normal day in Helsinki look like, for you?

On a normal day I start with Pilates at a gym or at home. Then I write on my blog in a cafe and then go to French class. After that, I like to go eat with my friends and maybe go to an art gallery and see what’s new. I usually relax when I get back home from a long day by reading a good book or taking a trip to see my family, in another city.

What are your professional plans for the future?

In the future I would like to become a fashion stylist. I would like to get more styling jobs through my blog and get to work with talented designers, brands and fashion magazines.

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