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Best of Vienna Nightlife: Volksgarten Vienna

Vienna Nightlife: Top 5 Clubs

Here’s where you make the most of your nights in Vienna

From tranformed pedestrian passages to techno treasures hidden in the middle of a garden, the Austrian capital has plenty in the way of fun.

Despite the city’s historic allure, Vienna nightlife is as vibrant as any other major European city, with options ranging from live bands to all-night raves. Once the museums close down, the markets are visited and the Sachertorte eaten, put your best dress on and choose one of these party destinations for the ultimate night out in Vienna.

Albertina Passage

Best of Vienna Nightlife: Albertina PassageFind it at: Opernring/Operngasse

And we start with a bit of a representative venue for Vienna. The handful of underpasses uniting various districts to the old city have seen spectacular transformations, especially into nightclubs. Albertina though, it is a different sort of concept. Yes, there is loud music and dancing but the official name is ‘dinner club’. Chef Reinhard Gerer made sure that the dinner element is impeccably an deliciously carried through, before you leave the table to see what live band is playing tonight. Most days start with relaxing jazz music and end with DJs lighting up the danceflood. Despite the jazzy vibe, the place looks rather futuristic with geometric elements highlighted by purple lighting around the scene and cocktail bar.

Babenberger Passage

Best of Vienna Nightlife: Babenberger PassageFind it at: Burgring 3 / Babenbergerstraße

While we’re on the topic, here’s yet another pedestrian underpass turned into a highlight of Vienna nightlife. Still futuristic but addressing a very young crowd, the club has frequent themed parties and events headlined by electro, house or RnB artists. It doesn’t have the fancy allure of Albertina, but the eccentric décor and light installations make it look like you’re partying in a sci-fi movie. As the night gets longer, the beats get funky.

Volksgarten Club

Best of Vienna Nightlife: Volksgarten ViennaFind it at: Volksgarten

Chain the scenery slightly, we take you from underground to the midst of a gorgeous garden. Volksgarten might be easy to recognize as a green spot on the map but most people refer to the club inside it when using the term. A permanent fixture of Vienna nightlife for over 180 years, The Club Disco is a classic hit, no matter the season. During the old season, the modern winter garden greets guests with a mix of house, disco and party tunes, while summer days drag the party outside in the garden, an open-air scene often welcoming international guests.

Grelle Forelle

Best of Vienna Nightlife: Grelle ForelleFind it at: Spittelauer Lände 12 |

If you follow the neon fish motif, you will arrive at the most intriguing club in town. A unique feature of Vienna nightlife, Grelle Forelle is a lively location on the Danube Canal, far from the old tales of the city and ready to greet you with fresh new ones. You won’t find mainstream artists performing here, but the best of the best of the underground are frequent performers. The club covers two floors and offers a selection of electronic music for the minimalist in you. It’s not the fancy affair of city centre but you’re not allowed to take photos so you can just let go and dance in something comfy, while enjoying the excellent sound system, custom lighting concept and the whole secrecy of the place.

Rote Bar

Best of Vienna Nightlife: Rote BarFind it at: Neustiftgasse 1 |

For the crown jewel of Vienna nightlife, we get you back to the royal parts of town. When the theatre is done for the day but you still want to feel fancy in a luxurious setting, visit this bar/club in close proximity to the biggest museums of the city. This exciting location knows how to put on a show, with velvet curtains and chandeliers surrounding the bar. The events are diverse, so you can attend all sorts of gigs, from readings to serious clubbing nights – the domed painted ceilings even cover burlesque shows.

So, where will morning find you in Vienna? Underground or in remote locations, in a classy bar with a regal air or an electro loud box with people from all around the world? Either way, Vienna nightlife will get you what you want. And if you want to party even more, keep an eye out for our Vienna Glam Guide, an ebook including a selection of the best bars and clubs in the city.

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