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A Vienna City Break With The Girls

5 Things to do on a girls’ weekend away

From breakfast named after Cathrine Deneuve to reenacting the glamorous version of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Vienna has a fun getaway prepared for a girls’ day (and night) out.

Vienna is romantic, historic and sophisticated but that might not make it the first choice for a weekend away with the girls. But why not? A city famous for its music, dance and princess stories seems to fit the bill quite nicely, I would think. A Vienna city break with the girls can be lots of fun if you scribble in the right places in your itinerary. We’ll get you started with 5 top places to visit:

Get coffee at: Café Francais

Vienna City Break With The Girls: Café FrançaisFind it at: Währinger Straße 6-8 |

What better way to start you day than a croissant, French toast and marmalade? Café Français is, as the name clearly states, a French-themed coffee shop located in the heart of Vienna. The ambiance is serene and très chic, with elegant décor, fancy service and refined company.

More than the various coffee specialties, the breakfast menus get all the attention, drawing inspiration from the cinema world: serve a “Vanessa Paradies” with a croissant, marmalade and orange juice, an “Omar Scharf” Is with hummus or a “Mon Depar Dieu!” with a baguette and a glass of wine. There are several others so you can spend your morning decoding the sneaky puns with your friends.

Shop at: Gebrüder Stitch

Vienna City Break With The Girls: Gebrüder StitchFind it at: Mariahilfer Straße 4

I don’t remember the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants ever taking them on a Vienna city break with the girls but you can live that adventure yourself. Except instead of mailing magical pants, you can drop by Gebrüder Stitch and get your own custom pairs done. The two brothers running the store have a real passion for the fabric and you can explore the world of denim before choosing an organic fabric of your choice and have it turned into made-to-measure jeans.

Always an experience to share with the girls and none of that shopping-induced exhaustion either. Plus, you get to feel pampered and eco-conscious and own a unique pair of pants that fit perfectly. That’s the dream!

Get pampered at: L´Épicerie

Vienna City Break With The Girls: L'ÉpicerieFind it at: Sigmundsgasse 3

Just a little bit more shopping but you’re not one to complain about replenishing your beauty supplies, are you? And with a little more French flavour, because this store stocks a fine supply of products from arguably the most chic country on earth. You and your friends can buy fabulous fragrances to associate with your Vienna city break, natural soaps as souvenirs but also linen, glasses, dishes and candles to bring some local flavours back home. It is a great place to spoil yourself and your loved ones and a fun store to explore with your girlfriends.

Dine at: Labstelle

Vienna City Break With The Girls: LabstelleFind it at: Lugeck 6

If your gang is into brunch (lunch and dinner work too), then Labstelle is your perfect gourmet choice for your Vienna city break with the girls. You’ll find the restaurant in the city center and it will welcome you with a farm-to-table concept reflected in every little detail, starting with the wood-heavy decor and ending with the actual tempting offer on your plate.

The food is made mostly using local produce from farmers nearby the city supplying fresh ingredients for the popular Saturday brunch. Bring your camera too, because the plates and cocktails are Instagram-worthy, while the terrace is a jewel in itself.

Party at: Volksgarten Club

Volksgarten Club ViennaFind it at: Burgring

Finally, there’s no Vienna city break without a girls’ night out, is there? And our tip is Volksgarten Club. Found in the resplendent namesake garden, it enjoys a history of almost two centuries. The décor might be more modern but the fun is long-lasting. Depending on the season of your visit, the club organizes parties indoors – in the vintage 50s-inspired décor – and outdoors under the stars, with various themes every other weekend. A true hotspot for mingling with locals and tourists alike.

That should have you sorted for a day of fun but if you want more from your Vienna city break, then get your hands on our Glam Guide, an ebook full of tips including a detailed itinerary for a Vienna City Break With The Girls, 2 days from dusk till dawn. Bon voyage!

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