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Top 5 Vienna Jewellery Stores

Top 5 Vienna Jewellery Stores for Glamorous Souvenirs

Jewells worthy of a princess

Given the lavish royal history of Vienna, it comes as no surprise that the Austrian capital has several respected jewellery designers catering to a modern princess.

Vienna is an ideal place to shop for shiny souvenirs for your magic trinkets box – an elegant city with a refined sense of style. It is almost impossible to find anything tacky and poorly made, least of all in these following fantastic Vienna jewellery stores. You can purchase diamonds from the same artisans who created necklaces for Empress Elizabeth or affordable minimalistic pieces from young designers.

A.E. Köchert

Top 5 Vienna Jewellery Stores: A.E. KöchertFind it at: Neuer Markt 15

Founded all the way back in 1814 as a French goldsmiths’ workshop in Vienna, the store evolved to set large gems into jewellery when Jakob Heinrich Köchert joined their ranks four years later. Such had their reputation for exquisite creations grown that by 1831 they were commissioned to create pieces for the Royal Court, from a gold box gifted to the Turkish ambassador to a set of 27 diamond stars for the emperor’s wife, the famous Sisi. If Franz Joseph trusted Köchert with the keys to the Imperial treasury, surely you can trust them with your accessorizing.

You can just walk into the store and purchase a gorgeous collection of fine and particularly colourful jewellery, but with the right budget you could buy reissues of famous pieces worn by royalty.

Juwelier Köck

Top 5 Vienna Jewellery Stores: KöckFind it at: Am Graben 22

One of the most welcoming Vienna jewellery stores, Von Köck creations are displayed in their central location on Graben, an elite shopping street. The elegant display cases contain diamond rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings that could be described as classic with a twist. Not as colourful and playful as A.E.Köchert but more suitable for conventional ladies.

Another point of pride is the selection of timepieces from famous brands like Omega, Breitling, Longines, Zenith and Tag Heuer. Step inside, try one of their comfy leather armchairs while an assistant shows you whatever your heart desires and gets your purchase engraved.

Juwelier Wagner

Top 5 Vienna Jewellery Stores: WagnerFind it at: Kärntner Straße 32 and Graben 21

Refined and spacious is just what the doctor ordered in a hot summer day – and your stylist will definitely agree with this choice. Whichever location you pick to visit, Wagner’s air of modern elegance will be refreshing. The simple décor is complemented by a fireplace and a water cascade crating a homey feel.

Still, one does not go to one of the best Vienna jewellery stores to watch the waterworks, so let’s see what sort of souvenirs you can expect. The in-house goldsmiths have a range of trademark collections, but if you want something distinctive, go for pieces marked by the blue Wagner sapphire engraved with a W. If you prefer variety in styles, this is the place to go, from simple elegant pendants to colourful asymmetric rings, there’s a bit of everything – including luxurious watches from Rolex, Bulgari, Chopard or Jaeger-LeCoultre.


Top 5 Vienna Jewellery Stores: SchullinFind it at: Kohlmarkt 7

Another fascinating Vienna jewellery store is Schullin. Its founder was passionate about the blend of craftsmanship and design, collaborating with the Viennese University of Applied Arts to bring the vision of young designers to life. Today, you can observe the result as you stroll down Kohlmarkt, the most famous shopping street in the city.

The imposing marble and wood façade is a work of art in itself and hides dozens of artisan pieces in different styles. From rings with large colourful gemstones to delicate earrings with intricate design, you can get acquainted with traditional techniques and modern design.

Atelier Lindengasse

Top 5 Vienna Jewellery Stores: Atelier LindengasseFind it at: Lindengasse 5 | Photo: Katie Gruber

From gigantic diamonds to minimalistic pieces. This Vienna jewellery store is the joint collaboration of Katie Gruber and Katharina Schmid, two jewellery designers in love with “raw jewellery” inspired by nature. Pure and beautiful, each piece looks simple at first glance but have a closer look to observe all the imperfections in the material that were kept on purpose and make it unique.

From branches to flowers and even Muhammad Ali, the sources of inspiration are endless and sometimes more obvious than others. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and special ring casings can be bought here, for you or that friend who likes jewellery that’s different and practical.

Did you choose your “poison” yet? If not, have a look though their lookbooks before going on your shopping spree. And if you need even more shopping inspiration, remember to check out our Vienna Glam Guide before your next holiday.

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