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Top 7 Best Restaurants in Vienna

Gourmet cuisine and top notch service

Viennese cuisine will be a delight if you grab a reservation at any of these fantastic restaurants in the City of Music. With a touch of international and vegetarian delights as well.

Fine dining is an art in the Austrian capital, so it’s no surprise that we struggled to reduce this list to just seven best restaurants in Vienna. But we finally managed to combine the rich flavours of Viennese cuisine with the light vibes of Asian delights, Italian temptations and a touch of veggie goodies. Enjoy an exquisite gastronomical experience in any of these places and find even more recommendations in our upcoming Vienna Glam Guide.


Best restaurants in Vienna: PlachuttaFind it at: Wollzeile 38

And we start with a classic. Located in the heart of Vienna, Plachutta is an iconic high-end restaurant that looks and tastes the part. Dark green panels and benches surround the impeccably laid tables with wooden chairs, exuding class and elegance. The terrace is equally elegant, highlighting the atemporal vibe.

It is often the choice of businessmen, high-profile locals or celebrities who want to enjoy a perfect Viennese meal. You can enjoy amazing Viennese dishes and some might even say that it offers the best apple strudel in the city. The chef’s specialty is The Tafelspitz – a tender joint of boiled beef that simply melts in your mouth – and if you want to sample the perfect Wiener Schnitzel, you need to visit their other restaurant, Gasthaus Zur Oper. If the flavours overwhelm you, don’t forget to buy a cookbook on your way out.


Best restaurants in Vienna: SteirereckFind it at: Am Heumarkt 2A

From a classic to a modern classic. Steirereck is an upscale restaurant owned and managed by top chef Heinz Reitbauer. Inside you will still find Viennese cuisine, but the striking architecture of the place is nothing short of a sci-fi movie. Grab a chair and have a look through the menu to find reinterpreted classics and lighter plays on classic local cuisine.

“We like to present Austrian cuisine in the most beautiful light. With our craft we can address almost all the senses and create positive emotions.” Heinz Reitbauer, chef Steirereck

With 2 stars in the Michelin guide, the restaurant located in Stadtpark seems to be succeeding in its delicious mission. It helps that the menu is based on fresh seasonal produce and represents a very modern Austrian cuisine. The ingredients are almost exclusively from Austria and mostly organic, the constant collaboration with local producers helping them refine their offer to the tastiest ingredients for every time of the year.

Konstantin Filippou

Best restaurants in Vienna: Konstantin FilippouFind it at: Dominikanerbastei 17

Talking about modern classics, Konstantin Filippou is another name worth mentioning. Named as Gault Millau’s Chef of the Year 2016, he was awarded 1 Michelin Star and 3 Gault Millau Bonnets. And just like Steirerech – a place he worked in previously – he prefers to take the frills out of the décor to focus on the cuisine. Elegant yet minimalist, the scene is set for the main guests: the dishes.

Filippou offers a unique blend of Austrian and Mediterranean cuisine, inspired by his Greek and Austrian background. His purist approach reflects on the plates too, with exquisite recipes based on fresh seasonal ingredients, mixing high cuisine with simple homemade classics. Yet whatever he cooks, they manage to look like works of art on a plate – perfect for the #InstaFood fans. Plus, you can have a look in the kitchen from pretty much every corner of the dining room and watch them work their magic.

Silvio Nickol Im Palais Coburg

Best restaurants in Vienna: Silvio NickolFind it at: Coburgbastei 4

For about half a decade now, Silvio Nickol is the name in charge of the gourmet temple inside Palais Coburg. With 2 Michelin stars to show for his efforts, we would say it was reason enough to include it as one of the best restaurants in Vienna. Another reason would be the splendid décor and ambiance you will find inside. The space is an interesting mix of futuristic elements and elegant details, cosy but somewhat eccentric.

Top chef Silvio Nickol often presents his customers with surprise menus which offer baffling tastes and flavours, obtained from the best organic ingredients one can find in farms around Vienna. Guests can watch on a small screen how their meal is prepared, while sipping from a glass containing one of over five thousand wines available in their cellars. In summertime, enjoy your meal on the cosy terrace while observing the street life of Vienna.


Best restaurants in Vienna: FabiosFind it at: Tuchlauben 4-6

Moving on from Viennese delicacies, step into Fabios, an upscale Italian restaurant with a welcoming lounge and a refined bar. It is the pure definition of big city glamour, with hints of NYC in the décor. Dark wood panels, floors and ceilings are softened by a light grey palette featured on the furniture and some splashes of green and blue complete the setting of one of the best restaurants in Vienna.

“I think it is important that you meet your guest at eye level and not play the role of a servant. We treat everyone who comes to us very normal, give him a friendly welcome and offer him all the service that he wants and needs.” Fabio Giacobello

Having some of the most comfortable chairs of the best restaurants in Vienna, Fabios is the ideal place for a long lunch break. The dishes are Italian and down-to-earth, no frills and excessive decorations, and they always take special requests. Fabios promote light organic food, and a taste of their specialties grilled on a Fogolar grill is a must.

During warm summer days when you can dine on the terrace and move to the bar once the sun comes down. Last but not least, it is also really close to the best shopping hotspots of the city.


Best restaurants in Vienna: KimFind it at: Währinger Strasse No. 46

Going a bit further away from Europe and into the territory of seductive Asian flavours, Sohyi Kim’s restaurant is a culinary treasure. The Korean chef is known as the most creative and innovative Asian chef in the city, and owner of one of the best restaurants in Vienna. Cooking the way her mother taught her, she uses regional ingredients with traditional Asian seasoning.

Every lunch includes a light surprise menu and every evening Soyhi Kim creates a five-course surprise dinner. And if you want to take home the fascinating flavours, the cook now has a range of seasonings, sauces and dressings under the Kim Chi label. You can also purchase wines and cookbooks to complete the gourmet feast.


Best restaurants in Vienna: TianFind it at: Himmelpfortgasse 23

Ending with a little something for vegetarian tastes, Tian is the place to visit if you want an impressive Instagram-worthy veggie treat. Or a fantastic glass of wine in their welcoming cherry-red wine bar. The romantic décor with casual atmosphere almost makes you forget that you are actually inside a Michelin-starred restaurant.

They have a unique approach to vegetarian cuisine, where the décor is just as ornate and lavish as the plating. To make the most of your evening, try a gourmet menu with up to 8 courses and note that many of the dishes have a vegan option as well. It is the perfect place to remember that vegetarian food is exciting, using often disregarded ingredients and grain varieties that are grown in the region or inside the restaurant’s own organic market garden. Did I mention that ‘tian’ means heaven?

I hope you enjoyed our selection of best restaurants in Vienna enough to get your mouth watering at the prospect of paying a visit. And if you do, let us know which is your favourite. For more dining tips (and otherwise) don’t forget to check back for our upcoming Vienna Glam Guide. Bon appetit!

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