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Best Viennese desserts: Original Sachertorte

Sweet tooth souvenirs: 3 Viennese desserts to try

The sweet side of Vienna

The best part of travelling is definitely the chance to try out the culinary delights of new different cultures. And sweets only make that experience… sweeter!

Vienna is not a place to run low on gourmet experiences. Fine dining, traditional pastry shops and a strong coffeehouse culture guarantee an intense experience for any foodie visiting these parts. But you don’t have to be a connoisseur to enjoy the best food around, you just need to know us. So let us introduce you to three Viennese desserts to try on your next trip. Besides the apple strudel.

Original Sachertorte – Sacher Café

Best Viennese desserts: SachertortePhoto © Hotel Sacher

Let’s start with the most famous cake in Vienna and arguably the most famous chocolate cake in the world. The mystery adds to the fame, since the original recipe created by Franz Sacher in 1832 is still used today and is still a secret. At its core, it is a chocolate cake with a layer of apricot jam, covered in chocolate icing – so very much a chocolate lover’s delight. Today you can enjoy a slice of one of the most delicious Viennese desserts with a visit to the café of Hotel Sacher, where you can also buy a cake as sweet souvenir. You don’t have to keep it in the fridge so it should survive the trip home.

Candied violets – Demel

Best Viennese desserts: Candied VioletsPhoto © Demel

Another must have of Viennese desserts is stocked in the Neo-Baroque premises of café Demel. The old salon was opened all the way back in 1888 and is still a symbol of the city, located at one end of the famous fashionable Kohlmarkt street. They delight visitors with all sorts of pastry, chocolates, jams and jellies, and also with their own Demeltorte. But there is one unique treat that you can only enjoy here: candied violets. The edible flowers are a curious delight that was favoured by Empress Sissi herself, who would ask Mr. Demel to deliver them to the Hofburg residence along with other sweets enjoyed by royalty. Share a little of that experience with a visit to Demel.

Apricot dumplings – Café Central

Best Viennese desserts: Apricot dumplingsPhoto © Café Central

Would you believe it or not, but the art of pastry was actually developed by a Viennese chef. So it should come as no surprise that artisanal bakery is a time-honoured tradition in Vienna. While the apple strudel is a bit of a landmark in that regard, we actually recommend trying some apricot dumplings instead. The recipe sometimes includes almonds wrapped in marzipan but any variety is just as delicious. You can try some at Café Central, but if their daily menu does not have it, we suggest their spectacular Sisis Marille – another of the apricot-based Viennese desserts.

I hope you will get to enjoy all three of these exquisite delights, but when it comes to pastry, chocolate or marzipan, you cannot go wrong in Vienna. And if you’re interested in more delightful venues for your culinary adventures in Vienna, remember that we have a Glam City Guide waiting to be published. Bon appetite!

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