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5 Unique Souvenirs From Vienna: Saint Charles Pharmacy

Shopping in Vienna: 5 Unique Souvenirs

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Buying souvenirs from any place is both a delight and a chore. You have to get it right for your dear ones while also trying to bring home that local flavour of Vienna. Let us help.

Vienna is historic, musical, royal and with a bit of a sweet tooth. But that doesn’t mean you have to settle for Hofburg Palace postcards, Mozart fridge magnets and marzipan chocolates. Which are very nice (and delicious) indeed but if you want to delight your beloved friends and family, you may want to try a little harder with some unique souvenirs for the pickiest of people.

For the fashionista: R. Horns

5 Unique Souvenirs From Vienna: R. HornsFind it at: Bräunerstraße 7 | Photo © R. Horns Wien

There is nothing that most fashionistas love more than a good quality bag. If you have a little extra room in your suitcase, we recommend a stop to R. Horns while you’re sightseeing in the heart of the city. His unique souvenirs are not really souvenirs but splendidly crafted handbags from fine Italian leathers and special stitching for increased durability. As for style, you really can’t go wrong. The trademarks of Robert Horns are classic lines and an impressive variety of colours, making it a versatile souvenir for any fashion lover.

For the beautician: Saint Charles Pharmacy

5 Unique Souvenirs From Vienna: St Charles PharmacyFind it at: Gumpendorfer Straße 30 | Photo © Ruth Ehrmann, Courtesy of St Charles Pharmacy

Another popular gift option are beauty products and cosmetics, and we all have that friend (or mom) who just loves to sample a new body lotion, face cream or exotic perfume. And you too can bring home the scent of Vienna with these pamper-inducing unique souvenirs.

“A nice souvenir can be found at St. Charles pharmacy, where I always find nice little things. But pay attention not to spend a fortune there.”

Klaus Mühlbauer, owner Mühlbauer hats

The name pharmacy might be misleading, although what they offer on their shelves are organic homemade remedies and cosmetics of high quality, from brands like Neom, eesse, Amala or Aesop. You can even find purely organic beauty supplies. And to make the most of the experience for yourself, stop at the Cosmothecary next door for a beauty treatment or a relaxing massage after a day of souvenir shopping.

For the craftsman: Sous-Bois

5 Unique Souvenirs From Vienna: Sous-BoisFind it at: Neustiftgasse 33 | Photo © Sous-Bois

When you inevitably find yourself in the very artistic seventh district, have a look for some unique souvenirs from this unique store. It could be the ideal place to shop for that friend who still writes birthday cards, keeps a diary, sends letters and likes to get very creative. Or maybe they just like a neat office desk, with luxurious writing insruments. Sous-Bois have the trendiest stationary for any need, with high profile names and great focus on beautiful design and quality binding.

For the bookworm: Phil

5 Unique Souvenirs From Vienna: PhilFind it at: Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12 | Photo ©

Skip over to the sixth district to enjoy a fun experience of your own. Clearly, finding a book for your literature-passionate friend will not be an issue, considering the walls covered floor to ceiling with shelves stacked with books. But the browsing experience is nothing like the usual library. Because it is also a café, with tables amongst the books, so you can grab a title that caught your eye and have a read while enjoying your coffee. And it’s not just find, it’s encouraged. Spoiler alert: you might meet some really awesome people or catch some sort of cultural event.

For the foodie: Demel

5 Unique Souvenirs From Vienna: DemelFind it at: Kohlmarkt 14 | Photo © Wearona

Finally, walk back to where it all started, the charming Kohlmarkt in center Vienna. Here awaits one of the most famous and history-filled cafés in the city. As one of the favourite places for the Viennese aristocracy and bourgeoisie of times past, Demel has a traditional air about it. And it is not just reflected in the classic décor but also the goodies in the shop window. While true that the Sachertorte is the most famous Viennese desert, it is quite difficult to transport safely so we suggest some chocolate, a homemade jam or, ideally, a box of candied violets that were the favourites of Empress Sisi.

Such royal referances are great and unique souvenirs to buy from Vienna, and they make sure each one of your friends will feel the love – despite not getting to see wonderful Vienna by your side. Now if you would prefer some sightseeing tips to go with your souvenir shopping, say no more – just grab our Vienna Glam City Guide and get going!

Cover photo © Ruth Ehrmann, Courtesy of Saint Charles Pharmacy

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