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Best Vienna Souvenirs: Sous Bois

Top 5 Cool Vienna Souvenirs Stores

From classic porcelains to unique recycled handbags

Sustainable fashion, exotic cosmetics or handmade home goods are some of the most appreciated and unusual souvenirs you can buy in Vienna. But there are some classics too.

Vienna might be full of marzipan Mozart sweets and other musical themed treats – and they’re pretty tasty – but any fashionista (especially one on a diet) will rather a look at something a little more stylish. Although you don’t have to be a fashion enthusiast to appreciate these gifts; whether it’s a souvenir for yourself or someone important, make the most of your trip to Vienna in these 5 stores, without roaming the whole town in search of perfect Vienna souvenirs:

Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten

Best Vienna Souvenirs: Augarten PorzelanFind it at: Obere Augartenstraße 1

Starting with a bit of a classic, the Viennese Porcelain Manufactory has exactly the type of souvenirs the names suggests: delicate statuettes unsuitable for checked luggage. Founded in 1718, the factory is the oldest such manufacture in Europe, producing “white gold” by hand and displaying it in this new museum and showroom.

Here you can purchase china designed in collaboration with various artists or create a set according to your own preferences. There are thousands of pieces to browse through and it is possible to get a tour of the porcelain factory to see the details going into the production process. It’s the ideal present for someone of refined tastes, maybe an antiques collector or a friend with an eye for romantic house décor.


Best Vienna Souvenirs: FreitagFind it at: Neubaugasse 26 | Photo: Mahir Siddgi

Not exactly a local company, but Vienna is one of a handful of such stores in Europe. What it has on the rather unique shelves is Vienna souvenirs for that sustainable fashion fan in your life. Freitag take recycling to new levels, using the least glamorous material you can imagine – discarded truck tarps – and turning it into one-of-a-kind handbags.

Each piece is truly unique, from the colourful wallets to the surprisingly stylish totes and handbags, and the design depends on which part of the fabric was used. Hence prepare four hours of looking through cabinets to pick your favourite. You can also shop for eco clothing made out of compostable fabrics – handmade conscious fashion at its best!


Best Vienna Souvenirs: Sous BoisFind it at: Neustiftgasse 33

Sous-Bois is a unique place. What it is not, is your everyday stationery shop. Heavily relying on creative minds to pick and choose the best looking pieces of office stationary, Sous-Bois is a magical kindergarten-looking store that is a joy to visit. Come along and buy a diary, a notebook or cool-looking pens.

The items are made by prestigious labels and designers such as HAY, Nomess copenhagen, paperways, papier tigre, oelwein, Kaweco or Koh-i-Noor and the owners focus a lot on the paper design and binding of the items that they sell. It’s all in the details. Art books are also a part of the offer, if you prefer less practical Vienna souvenirs.

Duft & Kultur

Best Vienna Souvenirs: Duft Und KulturFind it at: Tuchlauben 17

Vienna souvenirs for someone with a fine nose or a passion for quirky design can be found at Duft & Kultur. Their specialties are perfumes and such scented goodies, but you will also find home décor and seasonal pieces of surprising design.

Take a sniff and you’ll be instantly transported to Morocco or India while in the middle of Vienna. You can purchase rare and exotic fragrances, soaps, oils, candles and all sorts of beauty products from all over the world, to give your pampering routine an Oriental mood. You might buy them as souvenirs, but you will be too tempted to keep them.


Best Vienna Souvenirs: PhilFind it at: Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12 | Photo: Kieran Lynam

For the cultural type of Vienna Souvenirs, Phil will meet all of your demands. This hip cultural hotspot is a library, a café, a cultural event venue with live music or projections and, basically, a perfect place to relax with a book and a pre-dinner drink. And if you love the book, you can buy it.

That is the beauty of this place: most of the furniture, countless books and decorations seen here are for sale. The furniture might make a tricky souvenir to transport but perhaps you might be interested in a book, a music album, a vinyl or a movie. Modern art is another fixture you could buy if you prefer artsy souvenirs. Probably not for the most sophisticated of tastes but fun pieces nonetheless.

Vienna Souvenirs for your loved ones

I hope these five fantastic places will make your Vienna souvenirs hunt a more pleasant affair, so you can combine sightseeing and other tourist endeavours with a touch of shopping for yourself and loved ones who insisted you bring back a palpable memory. If you need some more help with your plans, keep an eye out for our Vienna Glam Guide, out later this month!

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