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Unmissable events in Vienna in 2017: Easter Market

5 Unmissable Vienna Events in 2017

Dance, music and movies

Vienna is a favourite European destination for relaxing city breaks and these are the special events to keep in mind when planning your next trip to the City of Music.

Vienna is one of those cities with a certain royal charm. The history, the architecture, the elegance – they all have an air of sophistication that not many other cities can claim. It is also one of the must-haves on any travel wish list on the continent, a perfect location for a cultural city break. There are things going on all throughout the year, from music festivals to the famous balls. Let’s take a look at the best Vienna events in 2017 and schedule your next holiday.

Vienna Opera Ball

Unmissable events in Vienna in 2017: Vienna Oper Ball

Perhaps at the top of the list of unmissable events in Vienna in 2017 (but any other year too) is the famous Opera Ball that is broadcast around the world, with its majestic ball gowns, perfectly tailored suits and impeccable waltz moves. This prestigious ball attracts celebrities and socialites, both local and international, so a great opportunity to observe the high society. Once you have your prince (or princess), grab your tickets as soon as possible and make sure to pack your best dress for the occasion. Whether you make it or just turn the TV on, this year the ball is scheduled on February 4th.

Schönbrunn Palace Easter Market

Unmissable events in Vienna in 2017: Easter MarketPhoto:

Frankly any event taking place with this spectacular landmark as a backdrop is bound to be worth a visit. And Eastertime is always a great opportunity to drop by, the beginning of March being  full of fine events in Vienna in 2017, from the Sounds of Easter classical music festival to the festive booths and artisan stalls in the gardens of the Schönbrunn. You can get immersed in Austrian traditions and get your hands on some Easter eggs and unique handmade souvenirs and accessories.

Vienna Music and Film Festival

Unmissable events in Vienna in 2017: Vienna Music and Film FestivalPhoto:

The sounds of summer welcome you on June 1st with the Vienna Music and Film Festival starting to delight the locals and the tourists alike every evening throughout the summer months. You can enjoy diverse (and free) programme on the big open-air cinema screen that becomes a temporary feature in front of the City Hall. Opera, ballet and musicals are some of the features of one of the longest events in Vienna in 2017, but let’s not forget the accompanying food stalls with international delights.

Danube Island Festival

Unmissable events in Vienna in 2017: Danube Island FestivalPhoto |

Another music festival but not attracting quite the same audience as the previous one. The nineteen islands of the River Donau are the home of around three million party people in June, with the young and hip crowd gathering from all corners of the world. A dozen stages and plenty of entertainment for all ages are spread between catering stands and dancing people. The music is mostly electronic, rock and rap, with mostly Austrian and German artists featured.

Vienna International Film Festival

Unmissable events in Vienna in 2017: Viennale

And on to more movies. If you want to brighten up your autumn, attend one of the most important events in Vienna in 2017, the biggest film festival in the country. Also known as the Viennale, it always offers a fantastic selection of movies from local productions to worldwide hits, with focus on documentaries and short feature films. It is one of the oldest events of the kind, especially in Austria, and it attracts almost a hundred thousand viewers in its various venues every year.

If Vienna sounds like a tempting destination for your 2017 holiday time, make sure to grab our Vienna Glam City Guide to complete your experience for any of these events.

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