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Fine Dining in Vienna Glam City Guide

Your Personal Guide to Fine Dining in Vienna

Join us on the most delicious guided tour

Let us introduce you to the most fantastic chefs in Vienna in a free guide to the city’s hidden gems.

Vienna, with its classical music, historical streets lined with luxury stores and splendid palaces reminiscent of queens and kings is the perfect home for gourmet cuisine. Fine dining in Vienna is more than a once-a-year experience on special anniversaries – it can be found on the high street or the crafty alleys, on hotel rooftops or riverside boats. It is a lifestyle for people who like to spoil their taste buds.

If that sounds like a holiday plan, joins us on this quick tour of our favourite venues for fine dining in Vienna:

+ from local specialties to international flavours

+ award-winning innovations on a plate

+ Instagram-worthy venues for lasting memories

For a breath of fresh air…

A Guide to Fine Dining in Vienna: SteirereckSteirereck | Am Heumarkt 2A | Photo: Courtesy of Steirereck

Located in the beautiful Stadtpark, Steirereck is an ideal place to start your day, whether it’s for breakfast, brunch or lunch (it is a holiday after all). It is an upscale venue for fine dining in Vienna, with a very modern yet elegant allure. The sci-fi style architecture combines with a classy wood-heavy interior for a unique experience but it is the menu that will make it memorable.

“We like to present Austrian cuisine in the most beautiful light. With our craft we can address almost all the senses and create positive emotions.” Heinz Reitbauer, chef Steirereck

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This craft comes with seasonal ingredients from local producers and a modern twist on Austrian cuisine. Considering the produce is often organic and fresh, the menu depends on seasons and availability, so you know there will be something new waiting every time.

For an Italian classic…

A Guide to Fine Dining in Vienna: FabiosFabios | Tuchlauben 4-6 | Photo: Courtesy of Fabios

Combine shopping and fine dining in Vienna with a stroll up the Kohlmarkt and nearby streets before stopping at Fabios. Surrounded by designer fashion brands, this upscale restaurant that is oh-so-very Italian incorporates not only a restaurant but also a lounge and a bar, which makes it a practical choice for a tourist at any time of day.

“I think it is important that you meet your guest at eye level and not play the role of a servant. We treat everyone who comes to us very normal, give him a friendly welcome and offer him all the service that he wants and needs.” Fabio Giacobello

The decor is modern but warm and welcoming, with particularly comfortable chairs. Lke the classic Italian cuisine we all love, the dishes are honest down-to-earth food without the frills of haute cuisine.  They pay attention to light organic dishes and ome of their most popular specialties are the goodies grilled on a Fogolar grill.

For an award-winning experience…

A Guide to Fine Dining in Vienna: Konstantin FilippouKonstantin Filippou | Dominikanerbastei 17 | Photo: Gerhard Wasserbauer, Konstantin Filippou

One Michelin star, three Gault Millau Bonnets and two restaurants in Vienna – you would not expect anything less from Gault Millau’s Chef of the Year 2016, a man known for his purist approach to cuisine. In a simple décor unravelling around the main star, the kitchen, Konstantin Filippou introduces Austrian cuisine to the Mediterranean one and sprinkling some Greek flavours on top. The produce is fresh, local and the dishes are both something you would love to eat but also save on your Pinterest board.

For a gourmet extravaganza…

A Guide to Fine Dining in Vienna: Silvio NickolSilvio Nickol Im Palais Coburg | Coburgbastei 4 | Photo: Palais Coburg Hotel Residenz / Tina Herzl

In close proximity to the beautiful Stadtpark, the four-star Palais Coburg is not only a highlight of fine dining in Vienna but also a sublime destination for a romantic escapade. Although their restaurant might distract you a little with its eccentricity. As the name suggests, Silvio Nickol is responsible for this gourmet temple bragging with two Michelin stars.

Futuristic elements grace the décor and eager foodies can even watch on a screen how their food is prepared from the best organic ingredients that can be found in farms around Vienna. You may have noticed by now that fresh healthy and sustainable cuisine is a pretty big deal in Vienna. And wine is also a pretty big deal at Silvio Nickol’s place, so you better ask for a recommendation from the five thousand bottles of wine in their cellars. All in all, our top tip for dinner.

For a veggie paradise…

A Guide to Fine Dining in Vienna: TianTian | Himmelpfortgasse 23 | Photo: Courtesy of Tian Facebook

Or should I say “heaven” since that’s what Tian means? Barely a few steps away from the previous venue, you can finish a full gourmet tour without even breaking a sweat. And for a light finish, why not go vegetarian? Unless you already are. Whichever option applies, Tian is a staple of vegetarian fine dining in Vienna, a charming venue that feels welcoming and is doing a great job of making veggies exciting. Yet again focusing on local producers, they even go as far as growing their own organic market garden.

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There is clearly no shortage of delicious options for fine dining in Vienna, and these are just a few of our personal favourites. But if it did tempt you into Viennese holiday, you should download our new ebook with a step-by-step itinerary to living the fine life in the City of Music, with the finest of food included. Get your free copy below, it’s as easy as making pasta and as useful as salt. Bon appetite!

Cover picture: Konstantin Filippou, copyright Katharina Gossow.

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