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Instagram-Friendly Places for the Best Vienna Photos

Five places for fine snaps

Our social media dependent lives get even worse on holiday when you’re looking for the perfect setting for that Instagram post. While in Vienna, we’ve got you covered.

Be it Instagram, Snapchat or good old Facebook, we are all quite fond of showing off our holiday adventures from the most envy-inspiring places. No shame there, travel is just not the same without some photographic memories to treasure. And if you’re visiting the Austrian capital, we’re making it easy for you with these 5 ideal places for Instagrammable Vienna photos. Besides the impressive palaces and museums that you can find in any tourist guide, these diners, bars and hotels will turn your entire holiday into a photogenic getaway.

Coffee at: Palmenhaus

5 Places for Instagrammable Vienna Photos: PalmenhausFind it at: Burggarten 1

There is no better way to start your day than the relaxed vibe at Palmenhaus. Located and overlooking some gorgeous parks and gardens, the upscale restaurant feels like a garden itself, because the building is an old greenhouse from 1822 that still houses exotic plants that often decorate Vienna’s landmarks.

The glass dome stuffed with palm trees and tables and the charming view over the pond will compete for your attention when deciding which photo to upload. If you want a full breakfast with that coffee, the dishes are fresh, diverse and quite photogenic too.

Lunch at: Motto Am Fluss

5 Places for Instagrammable Vienna Photos: Motto am FlussFind it at: Franz-Josefs-Kai 2

More food, more fantastic locations. This time you can enjoy a sightseeing respite on the bank of the Donaukanal, from a restaurant overlooking a branch of the Danube River. Although the view is pretty cool both ways of the window, since the hotspot is actually located inside a Venetian-styled boathouse. The checkered floors and the retro air of the furnishings make it a great location for Instagrammable Vienna photos even without the views outside.

While you’re around, feast on organic dishes fresh out the oven and wash it down with Austria’s first organic beer. Don’t forget to take a photo for that #foodporn bonanza.

Dinner at: Das Loft

sofitel vienna le loft restaurant bar

Find it at: Praterstraße 1

There is no view quite like the one from Das Loft if we’re talking memorable Vienna photos. Located at the 18th floor of the Sofitel, the restaurant and bar features floor-to-ceiling windows towering high over the city and offering awe-inspiring views. Add to that the amazing illuminated ceiling and the modern décor and you’re got a snapshot to remember. Food bloggers or simple enthusiasts will also love the award-winning haute cuisine with international dishes and a modern twist.

Drinks at: Weingut am Reisenberg

5 Places for Instagrammable Vienna Photos: Weigut am ReisenbergFind it at: Oberer Reisenbergweg 15

An ideal place to watch the sunset is clearly the hills on the outskirts of town. Weingut am Reisenberg is just one of the locations that offer both fine wine and fantastic Vienna photos. The vineyard has an enchanting and very romantic terrace, which makes it a beautiful destination for couples but the local wine is recommended to anyone who wants to escape the noise of the city. The incredible views of the vineyard and the city are perfect for panorama shots at sunset, but any time of the day works.

Rest at: 25Hours Hotel Museumsquartier

5 Places for Instagrammable Vienna Photos: 25Hours HotelFind it at: Lerchenfelder Straße 1-3

Once you’ve had enough wine, head back to town to sleep in one of the quirkiest hotels in Vienna. And it’s so much more than a place to rest your head! The colourful boutique hotel in the artistic Museumsquartier is inspired by the world of circus and the theme is obvious from the façade to the rooftop bar. With illustrations and random objects from the circus world scattered around the place, it is the perfect backdrop for some funky Instagram shots.

These places should satisfy your Snapchat addiction fully and supply an endless stream of Vienna photos to your accounts but they’re not by far the only photogenic places in the city. If you want more, remember that we’re publishing our Vienna Glam Guide soon, with a collection of luxurious places to visit while in the City of Music.

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