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Best coffee in Vienna: Phil

5 Cafés For Your Morning Coffee in Vienna

Where can you get the best pick-me-up?

Any holiday adventure starts with a good cup of energy, so where best to indulge your (well, our) little vice than the quaint little coffee shops of Vienna?

There’s nothing like the smell of a hot cup of coffee as you get out of bed. And if you’re holidaying in the Austrian capital, your options are as many as those Mozart-themed souvenir stands. On that topic, you know what goes well with some marzipan Mozartkugel? Coffee, of course. So where can you enjoy a special experience while having coffee in Vienna? Read below for our insider recommendations:

Café Sperl

Best coffee in Vienna: Cafe SperlFind it at: Gumpendorfer Straße 11 | Photo © Julius Silver for Café Sperl

We’ll start with a classic Viennese coffeehouse, one that will remind you of the beautiful Imperial Apartments at the Hofburg palace. If you haven’t visited them yet, we recommend you do after you empty your cup of coffee in this 1880 café. This place has its own stories to tell, including some that claim Sigmund Freud and Robert Manasseh were once amongst the loyal customers of Café Sperl. These days you can grab a newspaper and a cappuccino or challenge someone with a card game.


Best coffee in Vienna: DemelFind it at: Kohlmarkt 14 | Photo © Wearona

Another classic, this time right in the heart of the city, on the famous Kohlmarkt. The picturesque street is lines with historic buildings that presently house luxury stores, beautiful fashion and this splendid café. The neo-baroque salon will enchant you not only with its decor but also with cakes, pastry, chocolates, jams and, obviously, coffee. While a definite contender for the best coffee in Vienna, their star is still the Demeltorte and the candied violets so loved by Empress Sisi.


Best coffee in Vienna: CorbaciFind it at: Museumsplatz 1 | Photo © Hertha Hurnaus for Café-Restaurant Corbaci / Architekturzentrum Wien

We wouldn’t want you to get the impression that all the cafés in Vienna are little old-fashioned affairs for old ladies in fur coats (although those do have a special charm). Café-restaurant Corbaci is a bit of a palette cleanser. Located in the beautiful Architekturzentrum, the café itself is an ode to architecture due to the gorgeous vaulted ceiling decorated with colourful tiles of Oriental inspiration. The unique feature is completed by fairly minimalist tables to hold your coffee cup. You can visit the exhibition room or grab an architecture book from the library.

Café Landtmann

Best coffee in Vienna: Cafe LandtmannFind it at: Universitätsring 4 | Photo ©, courteesy of Caafé Landtmann

Back to something a little more classic with this spacious café with some more history to share. Names like Marlene Dietrich and Sir Paul McCartney have enjoyed their coffee in Vienna here, and now you too can enjoy the elegant interior, while you grab a bite to eat or a quick expresso. The large terrace is a perfect location for some people-watching, so don’t hesitate to have your coffee outdoors if the weather allows it.


Best coffee in Vienna: PhilFind it at: Gumpendorfer Straße 10-12 | Photo ©, courtesy of Phil

If your itinerary takes you back to the artistic sixth district, make sure to stop by this hip cultural hotspot, a mix of coffeehouse, library and events venue. A bookworm will adore the walls covered full-length with books, magazines and themed knick-knacks to get as souvenirs for a book lover. So grab an interesting boo and a coffee made by a historic Faema espresso machine and enjoy the ambiance. And if you’re getting hungry, take our insiders’ tip and try the fantastic breakfast at Phil.

We hope you enjoyed our virtual coffee-infused trip and if it tempted you to pack your bags, get a flight to Vienna and head straight to a café, you will soon be able to find more exquisite places to serve coffee in Vienna in our upcoming Vienna Glam City Guide. With added hotels, restaurants, galleries, spas or bars – everything one could need for a trip in style to the City of Music.

Cover Photo ©, courtesy of Phil.

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