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Products Available Clothing

Akris is a Swiss label with a tradition of over 90 years. It is a traditional family business, currently run by the grandsons of its founder, Alice Kriemler-Schoch. It started as a small firm making dotted aprons, but it quickly developed and started making ready-to-wear clothing for women. It pays great attention to fabrics, details and quality standards. The creative director of Akris, Albert Kriemler is highly concerned with the materials he uses and, as he confesses, every collection starts with a piece of fabric in his hands. He is passionate about innovation and he tries to combine this with comfort in the clothes he designs. Minimalist, comfortable, elegant, luxurious - these are the best attributes for the apparel made by Akris. This spirit also translates in its flagships around the world - Europe, USA or Asia. Akris Boston Boutique is a mark of the brand’s identity and an important point in its retail chain. The Akris collections and accessories are also available in over 600 departments stores on the globe.

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"The creative process always starts with the fabric", Albert Kriemler

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