BEST FASHION CITIES: The best fashion capitals in the world

The Fashion Capitals of the World

New York City, Paris and London are the Top 3 Fashion Cities of the world according to the Global Language Monitor’s annual ranking of the Top Fifty Fashion Capitals. And there's little to choose between them, with only 0.05% separating the first two. This exclusive ranking is based upon GLM’s Narrative Tracking technology which analyzes the Internet, blogosphere, the top 250.000 print and electronic news media, as well as social media sources like Twitter.

You´ll notice that most of the Top 10 positions are taken by the exclusive Fashion Capitals of Europe while New York and Los Angeles represent the top entries of the Americas. Shanghai leads the Asian charge, rounding up the Top 10, with Sydney facing an impressive rise of 7 positions to take 8th place and Top Fashion Capital in Oceania. 

Other big improvements were made by St. Petersburg in 16th position (+35), Miami in 19th (+20), Prague in 21st (+24) and, surprisingly, New Delhi up to 22nd (+26) thanks to its focus on local manufacturing traditions. Cape Town in 27th takes the mantle from Johannesburg as Africa's Nr. 1 Fashion Hotspot.

Take a look and select your favorite city for your next fashion trip - for more detailed information about the Leading Fashion Capitals visit the City Guides below and get inspired.

2019 2018 City Country City guide
1 2 New York USA New York Guide
2 4 Paris France Paris Guide
3 1 London  United Kingdom London  Guide
4 9 Los Angeles USA Los Angeles Guide
5 3 Barcelona Spain Barcelona Guide
6 6 Rome Italy Rome Guide
7 10 Berlin Germany Berlin Guide
8 15 Sydney Australia Sydney Guide
9 11 Antwerp Belgium Antwerp Guide
10 22 Shanghai China Shanghai Guide
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