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The unique Boucheron Ring

The story of Boucheron jewellery is nothing less than a story of love and romance.

Browse through the history of the famous Maison Boucheron and you’ll notice it has the feel of a novel, with stories of kings and royalty, crown jewels and faithful lovers who shaped the destiny and reputation of the brand.


Vacheron Constantin-Hallmark of Geneva

Do better if possible and that is always possible

For Vacheron Constantin, excellence is not a goal; it is a state of mind. From the earliest stages of production, to the application of the finishing strokes, the production is a tribute to precise and meticulous craftsmanship and the final product is nothing but exceptional and ultimately timeless.


Every Lady Needs a Hermès Bag

A Hermès product is made to last

The iconic Birkin and Kelly bags have long ago became symbols of luxury and high social status. Take a closer look into the art and craftsmanship of creating the famous Hermès bags.

conch necklace

The Perfect Mikimoto Pearl

“I’d like to adorn the necks of all the women in the world with pearls” Kokichi Mikimoto

For a true entrepreneur this was a very artistic dream, and with the amplitude that his business has reached, it would a very achievable one. While many legendary brands target a very exclusivist audience, Mikimoto wanted his pearls to be admired by the entire world, not just a selected few. His creations are a gift to the world, and his dream is every day one step closer to achievement.

tiffany winter

The Miracle of Tiffany & Co

A story of fascination and exquisite artisanry

Tiffany & Co is one of those brands that need no introduction. From its logo to its packaging and the trademark shade of blue, the famous jewellery house has been paid tribute in novels, movies, memoirs and the hearts of millions of art lovers.

chanel petit mains

Chanel´s Petites Mains

You need more than imagination to create a masterpiece, art needs a skilled pair of hands to make it real.

When a Chanel creation hits the runway we first admire its spectacular design and then applaud its fantastic designer. But if we look beyond the show in front of us, we will find a spectacle that's just as artistic in Chanel's Paris ateliers: the many 'petites mains' that turn a delicate piece of fabric into a work of art.

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