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A night out at Mossel & Gin Amsterdam

And the best gin in town

At least that’s what the owners claim and we’re quite tempted to agree. Give the restaurant a visit to try mussels recipes with a tasty twist and gin & tonic with homemade syrups.

We first heard about Mossel & Gin Amsterdam when one of our insiders recommended it as a cool hotspot in her beloved city. So we had a look: location with an industrial look, chairs that remind me of school and pans full of tempting colourful dishes. All in all, cool and contemporary. And after getting in touch, turns out the people behind the scenes are even cooler. So we had a word with Josh Selter, one half of the creative duo that brought us Mossel & Gin and, well, why don’t you keep reading…

mossel & gin amsterdam best-restaurants-in-amsterdam (9)Mossel & Gin | Josh Selter and Wouter ten Velde

Describe your restaurant in 3 words (and they cannot be „mussels” or „gin”):

Best – Night – Out :)

What makes you unique in Amsterdam’s restaurant scene? Was it a challenge to find your place and build a reputation?

Nowadays you see a lot of concept restaurants. We started with the knowledge that 80% of the mussels produced in the south of Holland are exported to France and Belgium. We wanted to see if we could get the Dutch people to eat them more, so we tried to make the mussel a little bit cooler.

By combining it with gin and serving them with fries and offering our guests different tastes like: Chili Mussels, Roquefort Mussels, Thai Mussels or, if the season is there, Mushrooms Mussels. Next to mussels we serve all kinds of seafood like: oysters, lobster, fruit de mer, pulpo, sardines, fish and chips, etc.

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Besides excellent gin & tonic, what is your secret to keeping the customers coming in?

We are very focussed on making our guests feel welcome. We are very aware that our guests picked us to spend their time and money and that is an honour all restaurants should take very seriously. This means they deserve the best food we can cook and the best service we can give. No matter what.

What do you want your customers to say once they leave the restaurant?

We will definitely come back and share our experience.

We are very aware that our guests picked us to spend their time and money and that is an honour all restaurants should take very seriously.

As a 1st time visitor, what dishes we absolutely have to try?

Oh, the Pulpo as a starter! Already an all-time favourite. The Roquefort Mussels as a main and if you don’t like cheese, the Thai Mussels.

mossel & gin amsterdam best-restaurants-in-amsterdam (5)

If we drop by for a night out, what’s the most impressive thing on your drinks menu?

We just introduced our ‘ginsane’ menu. This menu is based on our normal gin and tonic menu, but here we have infused all the gins, made our own bitters and syrups. It is insane. Haha.

Once we step outside of your restaurant, what should we visit in the area?

Our neighbours, ‘The Tonton Club’. They have the best boozed up milkshakes and a lot of arcade games, even Dance Dance Revolution! Perfect to finish the evening in the Westerpark.


As local insiders, help us find our way through Amsterdam:

The perfect three-step hangover day meals (the day after you visited Mossel & Gin)

The filet American sandwich (with a boiled egg) @ kwekkeboom, rembrandsplein. Oh yeah – start the day

The tom kha kai soup @ bird, zeedijk. Oh yeah – lunch

The spare ribs @ de klos, kerkstraat. Oh yeah – dinner

The best coffee in town is at …

I say Starbucks, but I’m simple, my best friend Simon (the coffee guru) says he prefers De Koffie Salon because through all its locations the coffee stays consistently great and the interiors are designed with attention to detail.

We should start a shopping spree at …

I don’t know, my girlfriend says: Zara. Haha I believe her.

We must check out these local artisans or stores …

The bookstore Mendo! In the Nine Streets. Beautiful books.


The coolest souvenirs we can get are ….

Frozen Herring at Schiphol. If I’m right they stay good for 24 hours. Cool to eat a Dutch herring overseas.

A memorable party awaits at …

A new place just opened up named De School, never been there, but I think this is going to be it.

The city’s best kept secret is …

Eating peking duck pancakes until 03h in the morning at Taste of Culture, korte leidsedwarsstraat.

I’m sure all this talk about food has got you drooling so go check out their website to give the menu a quick browse and book a table for your first/next visit. Also check out Josh’s other recommendations for Amsterdam and don’t forget to share your own favourite bits of the city. Happy travels and even happier dining!

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