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Venice Fashion Designers: Arnoldo Battois

Made in Venice: ARNOLDO][BATTOIS

The uniqueness of handcraft

The design duo behind this Venetian brand are giving Venice style a new direction. Innovation blends with tradition, timeless features are added modern touches – and you can see it in all in their stylish store.

Italian fashion equals handcraft – there’s a reason why their designers are at the very top end of our couture cravings. Silvano Arnoldo and Massimiliano Battois show exactly how impressive handmade details can be and how architectural features can blend seamlessly into delicate designs – be it a handbag or a dress. Venice fashion is timeless, just like its streets and canals, but that doesn’t mean there’s no place for trends and contemporary design when it comes to local artisans. Arnoldo Battois are one of the brands which prove that elegance is a lifestyle on the historic streets of Venice. How do they do it and what makes their bags a valuable souvenir? Let’s see what they think…

One brand, two designers. What makes it the perfect combination? Do you have similar styles or do you complement each other’s vision?

First of all, before being two designers we are two friends who spent many years working together. We know each other very well and even if our point of view is very different we are complementary in our work. Having opposite ideas in a creative work is a real fortune: comparison is the building technique of all our projects.

Venice Fashion Designers: Arnoldo Battois

What are the three words that best describe your creations?

Innovation and experimentation lay at the base of our project. Our research has no limits of any kind: colors, materials, shapes and production will always have new horizons to discover. Craft and technology is ARNOLDO][BATTOIS‘ winner binomial.

Italian craftsmanship has always been appreciated in the world of luxury fashion, but who do you see the market right now, is quality handcraft recognized at its true value?

Sure, Italian craftsmanship has always been important for luxury market and today more than ever the consciousness of its inescapability for the whole fashion system is much more evident.

The perfect handbag for ARNOLDO][BATTOIS has to be light, soft, well organized in its inner space, comfortable, dynamic and above all timeless and with no gender limits.

What are some of the most unique pieces you’ve designed? Or maybe one with a special story behind it?

We have designed lots of original pieces, our collections are born from fantastic histories, from time travels where past and present live together in a dynamic balance. Elefante, Falena, Colibrì, Moeca, Mascaron, are only few of the stars of ARNOLDO BATTOIS constellation.

Venice Fashion Designers: Arnoldo BattoisArnoldo][Battois Collection | BAUCI Mosaic | ZAIRA Mosaic | ELEFANTE Python

I imagine Venice as a more traditional city, is there a place for contemporary style, fashion experiments and statement pieces?

Venice is a city suspended in time, fluid like water from which it grows. It is the place of historical stratification and cultural contamination, in one word it’s a secret garden where everything could happen!

Its connection with the contemporary world? Art, architecture, cinema, music, dance, and, not the last, fashion have stated it as ideal place for representation.

What wardrobe essentials should we pack for a city trip to Venice?

It mostly depends on the season: winter is cold and very humid, so it’s better to wear some insulating cloths and shoes with rubber sole (because wet leather is slippery!), I suggest to dress in what I call “the onion way” with different layers. For half seasons, usually very short, you don’t have problems.

In summer it’s humid again, so you need very light textiles that breathe; I suggest linen and cotton in every shape up to impalpable gauze. Never forget to put in your suitcase some pieces for the night, from May to September the city is populated by worldly events. Please no jeans for the theatre!

Venice Fashion Designers: Arnoldo BattoisArnoldo][Battois Collection | COLIBRI PLISSE Python | BAUCI Python | OSERTOEA Python

What are the best souvenirs we can get in your store?

Everything you don’t need but absolutely desire! Unique pieces made by our artisans with Italian textiles and leathers of excellent quality. The ARNOLDO BATTOIS collection is born from investigation on the relation between accessory and dress and their mutual contamination.

If you want to feel that contamination yourself, make your way to Calle dei Fuseri, near San Marco Square, where several local designers and artisans will introduce you to the Venetian crafts. If you get your hands on one of these unique ARNOLDO BATTOIS bags, go brag about it by creating your own Guide to Venice and reviewing the store. Meanwhile, check out Silvano Arnoldo’s recommendations for stylish things to do in Venice.

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