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Best Murano Glass Jewelry: Orsola Mainardis

Best Murano Glass Jewelry Designers in Venice

The most stylish local souvenirs

Murano Island is a literal jewel in the Venetian Lagoon, a place that produces some of the finest glassware in Europe and spectacular jewelry. We narrowed your search down to these top places.

Crystalline glass, filigree, glass with threads of gold, multicolored millefiori – these are just as few of the crafts that come out of artisans’ hands on the island of Murano and many cramped workshops on the streets of Venice. Even though the glass is colourless in its basic composition, we all recognize Murano glass jewelry as incredibly colourful beads and pendants that make for spectacular statement pieces.

The notorious material is also used in sculptures and actual glasses but what matters most for us stylish ladies is what can fill our jewelry box as beautifully as possible. Therefore, this selection of fantastic Murano glass jewelry designers should come in handy on your next hunt for souvenirs in Venice.

Top 5 Murano Glass Jewelry Designers


Best Murano Glass Jewelry: AttombriFind it at: Sestiere di S. Marco, 1178

Bead making is a famous tradition in the lagoon, with Murano glass jewelry almost as common as water around these parts, and Attombri is one of the designer jewellery stores that create unique and unusual pieces out of the famous material. Bead strands and wire work, copper and silver are the foundation of their designs, with a hint of mythology and a touch of avant-garde. What results are fluid colourful artworks, some more wearable than others, but definitely worthwhile souvenirs! The colours are more elegant and subdued, suitable for a sophisticated personality who still dares to wear something atypical.


Best Murano Glass Jewelry: PerlamadredesignFind it at: Calle delle Botteghe 3182

Another Murano glass jewelry store but definitely not just another one! Patrizia Iacovazzi is the designer behind the brand and she works wonders with the delicate material, using traditional techniques to obtain modern results. The Lagoon holds the secret to these techniques, but what we do know is that her beads come in unusual shapes, sometimes resembling stylised butterflies and with spectacular finishes creating necklaces that look like frozen pearls. There is also a vintage collection, made out of glass rods dating from the 1950s, when they were used as fringes for lampshades. The perfect mix of colourful and elegant, you won’t want to keep these hidden in the jewellery box for long.

Orsola Mainardis Gioielli

Best Murano Glass Jewelry: Orsola MainardisFind it at: Dorsoduro 394

The waterway surrounding Dorsoduro is the spectacular neighbour of Orsola Mainardis’ workshop – the home of sophisticated Murano glass jewellery. Her creations are all handmade and extremely feminine in design, therefore easy to wear and suitable for classic tastes. But the most tempting collection in store (and one that is definitely not classic) is the range of bejewelled clutch bags, made out of python leather with artistic Murano glass handles, somewhere between a sculpture and a necklace – a very intriguing statement piece.

Marina e Susanna Sent

Best Murano Glass Jewelry: Susana e Marina SentFind it at: Ponte San Moisè

On to something a little more extreme, if I may say so. Sisters Marina and Susanna Sent are giving Venice a taste of individuality, using their family heritage in glass decoration to produce Murano glass jewelry and various objets d’art (sculptures but also homeware). Their jewellery sits somewhere between fashion and art, with atypical shapes, profound contrasts and unusual volumes – you won’t be surprised to hear that one of the designers is an architect as well. Some of the things you can shop here for are necklaces resembling soap bubbles, bonbons, and oversized pieces with a hint of tribal. Understatement is a word better left at the door.

Davide Penso

Best Murano Glass Jewelry: Davide PensoFind it at: F.ta Riva Longa, 48

Moving even more towards the blurry border between jewelry and artowork, Davide Penso’s Murano glass creations can be found in galleries from Venice to New York and he imparts his knowledge of the delicate and colourful material in universities across the globe. In the rest of the time, he designs fantastically artistic but ultimately wearable jewellery for his store. The unusual shapes and volumes used in the necklaces make them very stylish souvenirs, particularly the ones made of transparent bubbles or duo-coloured rhomb-like shapes.

I hope you enjoyed our selection of the best Murano glass jewelry in Venice, and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy the real deal even more. If you make your way to Venice, we’d love to hear your impression and maybe your own recommendations in a Venice Insider Guide? Meanwhile, enjoy getting to know the charm of Murano Island first-hand!

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