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Plan your perfect fashion trip
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Interview Estro Venice

Wine, dine and other Venice adventures at Estro

Gourmet tales and travel tips

Dario Spezzamonte is the wine-loving half of the Estro concept, an Italian restaurant bringing a touch of modernity to the lagoon.

Davide Penso Jewellery Venice

A Murano Story by Davide Penso

On Venice and art with a local artisan

Venice holidays will feel incomplete without a visit to Murano Island and a workshop showing the artistic potential of the famous material.

Best Sachertorte in Vienna: Sacher Hotel

Cake Wars: The Legendary Sachertorte

When delicious cake causes trouble

The Sachertorte is a mouth-watering delight that is a Viennese symbol as big as the Ferris wheel or the Schönbrunn Palace. But endlessly more tempting.

Venice Fashion Designers: Arnoldo Battois

Made in Venice: ARNOLDO][BATTOIS

The uniqueness of handcraft

The design duo behind this Venetian brand are giving Venice style a new direction. Innovation blends with tradition, timeless features are added modern touches – and you can see it in all in their stylish store.

Best Murano Glass Jewelry: Orsola Mainardis

Best Murano Glass Jewelry Designers in Venice

The most stylish local souvenirs

Murano Island is a literal jewel in the Venetian Lagoon, a place that produces some of the finest glassware in Europe and spectacular jewelry. We narrowed your search down to these top places.

mossel & gin amsterdam best-restaurants-in-amsterdam (6)

A night out at Mossel & Gin Amsterdam

And the best gin in town

At least that’s what the owners claim and we’re quite tempted to agree. Give the restaurant a visit to try mussels recipes with a tasty twist and gin & tonic with homemade syrups.


The best handmade Shoes in Vienna

Traditional brands with a modern approach

rosa mosa, Scheer or Ludwig Reiter are names to remember on the fashionable streets of Vienna, where tradition meets modernism and a bit of local pride, to create timeless shoes for the most demanding ad refined of clients.

Fabios Vienna

Fabio Giacobello’s Italian hot spot in the heart of Vienna

Stylish Italian Cuisine in the City of Dreams

There is fine food and there is fantastic food. What is the difference? Patrons like Fabio Giacobello, the owner of Fabios, an upscale Italian restaurant with a tempting lounge and a cool bar.

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