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Kimiko Yoshida

"Where is Kimiko?"

This question appears on the website of photographer Kimiko Yoshida, whose haunting, large, color self-portraits have earned her prominence in the global art scene.

Yoshida uses costume and theatrical presentation both to mask herself and to intensify our gaze on her. When our gaze is captivated,...

A Woman or a Doll

Oyster´s Dreams of Beatrice Morabito

Beatrice Morabito is an Italian artist and photographer. In her excellent work Oyster´s Dreams she presents dolls like women and mixes up the world of fashion modeling with her artistic approach.

"A doll can not move by herself, cannot smile, cry, change the position of her body, the expression of...


David Bowie: Fashion

David Bowie: Fashion

There's a brand new talk,
but it's not very clear
That people from good homes
are talking this year
It's loud and tasteless
and I've heard it before
You shout it while you're dancing
on the whole dance floor
Oh bop, fashion
Oh, bop, do do do do do do do do Fa-fa-fa-fa-fashion Oh, bop, do do do...

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