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A carefully curated guide of the most well-hidden Barcelona restaurants where you can have the most deliciously perfect brunch. Authentic coffee included.


The 5 “It” places for a trendy meal

When it comes to food, Barcelona's at the top of the game. Traditional Catalan cuisine, modern Mediterranean dishes, tapas and the most amazing pastries. But what are the best Barcelona restaurants for brunch?

Barcelona is definitely one of the top cities in Europe for a perfect city break. It’s sunny in almost any season and it’s a thrill to walk, shop, dine and party by the sea. Long strolls on Passeig de Gràcia, walks to the Bunker del Carmel, shopping sessions along El Born or parties until dusk on a rooftop will make you hungry. We rounded up the best local restaurants or cafés for the perfect brunch in Barcelona.

The trendiest restaurants for the perfect brunch in Barcelona


Alsur Cafe

A carefully curated guide to find a perfect brunch in Barcelona.

Find it at: Plaza de Sant Cugat, 1 (El Born)

Alsur Cafe is the kind of place that can easily become your go-to hotspot for your weekend brunch or for breakfast/lunch whenever you can make time to getaway from the office. It has three locations in Barcelona. Our favorite is the one in El Born, thanks to the lovely palm-trees close to the terrace that make it perfect for an Instagram snap. You can enjoy it inside or outside in a lazy weekend day and make the most of their delicious dishes. Yes, they are open on Sundays.

A carefully curated guide to find the perfect brunch in Barcelona.

Alsur is a Latin – American restaurant and it’s a cozy, lovely place owned by people who seize the moment and encourage their customers to do the same. Burgers and tapas are on the menu and their homemade desserts are to die for, so it won’t be easy deciding what to choose. Just order several and share with your friends, as Alsur’s Facebook page suggests. One more thing. Go to Alsur for drinks one evening. You won’t regret it.

Brunch & Cake

Enjoy a perfect brunch in Barcelona at this very special place.

Find it at: Carrer Enric Granados, 19

Brunch & Cake is a light, airy, cozy place that is perfect for your late morning / afternoon meal, just like its name suggests. The portions are large, the ingredients are fresh and the taste… delicious. It should keep you full for a next round of exploring and shopping. Visitors so far have not hesitated in calling this place “heaven” or “their favorite place in the city”. Feel free to order and enjoy a tall latte next to your perfectly cooked eggs and greens. Our favorite was the bagel-shaped sandwich with eggs and guacamole. It’s the perfect place to fuel up after a night out.

Mama’s Cafe

Enjoy a perfect brunch in Barcelona. Authentic coffee included.

Find it at: Carrer de Torrijos, 26

Mama’s is one of the best cafes in Barcelona. This is not an over-statement. It’s a great idea for brunch, even if it’s on a Sunday. Not many Barcelona restaurants are open on a Sunday, but this is one of the cafes that do care for their hungry, slightly-hungover-from-the-Saturday-night-party-customers. Mama’s Cafe is an American-inspired place, so you can taste some lovely pancakes, but the green veggies with seeds and perfectly cooked eggs are just as appreciated. This cozy spot has a lovely terrace where you can enjoy you healthy, hearty meal.

El Petit Princep

Enjoy a perfect brunch in Barcelona. Authentic coffee included.

Find it at: Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes, 677

The Catalan version of the Little Prince is actually a charming little café. My favorite of all Barcelona restaurants when it comes to having a hearty brunch. This small place on Gran Via de Les Corts Catalanes is praised for its pancakes, but no praise would do their poached eggs sandwiches justice. They make their own bread and fresh pastries. You can have some freshly squeezed juices with that and just enjoy your morning in this relaxing spot. They have a petite outdoor terrace to enjoy the sunshine. You can bring your tablet or laptop and just start your workday in a lovely setting.

El Quim de la Boqueria

A carefully curated guide of the most well-hidden Barcelona restaurants for a perfect brunch in Barcelona

Find it at: Mercado de La Boqueria, Les Rambles, 91 | Photo:

Located inside the Boqueria Market, as the name suggests, this place is one of the best Barcelona restaurants thanks to its fresh produce and simple, but tasty recipes. At first, you might mistake it for an ordinary market stall, but just be on the lookout for the bar stools around the counter. At El Quim de la Boqueria, you’ll enjoy more than one dish as the restaurant serves tapas and raciones. So, you can create your perfect, complete brunch including seafood, eggs, freshly squeezed juice or smoothies made with fruits straight from the market. The bocadillos (sandwiches with pork loin) are highly appreciated and so are the fresh boquerones.

Barcelona restaurants and cafés offer so much more than just a quick espresso. Fresh, tasty meals are perfect after a night of partying or a great way to start a relaxing day in the weekend. Pick whatever you like from our list and don’t forget to send us your opinions and reviews of your favorite places in Barcelona. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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