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Plan your perfect fashion trip
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The Fashion Books to Buy Now

From Coco to cocktails with Kate

Sometimes designers decide to stop sketching and start creating other works of art, literary this time. And it’s not just designers, but also a few historians of fashion and the intriguing story of one personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman.


Fashion Rocks – Dress like a Rockstar

Pop rock stars take style inspiration to the max

It's such a simple idea that I'm surprised it took so long to become reality. Fashion Rocks blends your musical taste with your favourite artists' fashion sense. Want to dress like Beyonce? Done!


Jan Cornall: From Sydney With Love

A perfect blend of traveling and writing

Sydney based writer and performer Jan Cornall is blessed with a career that takes her to some exotic and exciting places! Even so, she chooses to call Sydney home.


Awearness by Kenneth Cole

Fashion that inspires social change

There is certainly truth to the old cliché "you can do well by doing good." Kenneth Cole has started by doing good and that seems to spur his popularity as a fashion designer and genuine benefactor. It’s charitable fashion at its best.


Australian Indigenous Fashion Week 2014

Fashion back to its tribal roots

From hieroglyphics and sculptures to dresses and jackets, Australia’s Aboriginal art was put to an extremely fashionable use in the first edition of an intriguing fashion event that is different and authentic.


Designer Magazines – the new Vogue?

Fashion marketing has taken a creative turn

For some it’s a way to promote their values while other brands choose to introduce the readers to their artisans and their mastercraft, but D&G, Marni or Acne will probably agree that providing creative content is more efficient than a commercial in Vogue.

etro erik

Art Gallery by Etro

Art and fashion have a beautiful yet complicated connection

Many fashion houses try to reconnect with their artistic side - in the classic meaning of the word – and build a legacy as art patrons. Etro is the latest to focus its attention to artistic heritage, emerging artists and creative collaborations.


Alexandra Ruczynska – De Galluchat’s nomad

"I believe that an accessory should be a part of the person not the other way around"

Alexandra Ruczynska, the Creative Director of De Galluchat, in addition to being a simply stunning woman to look at, is a also a stunning individual to listen to, as shown by the following interview where she takes us on a stylish journey to Paris and Warsaw.