Designer Magazines – the new Vogue?

Fashion marketing has taken a creative turn

For some it’s a way to promote their values while other brands choose to introduce the readers to their artisans and their mastercraft, but D&G, Marni or Acne will probably agree that providing creative content is more efficient than a commercial in Vogue.

etro erik

Art Gallery by Etro

Art and fashion have a beautiful yet complicated connection

Many fashion houses try to reconnect with their artistic side - in the classic meaning of the word – and build a legacy as art patrons. Etro is the latest to focus its attention to artistic heritage, emerging artists and creative collaborations.


Alexandra Ruczynska – De Galluchat’s nomad

"I believe that an accessory should be a part of the person not the other way around"

Alexandra Ruczynska, the Creative Director of De Galluchat, in addition to being a simply stunning woman to look at, is a also a stunning individual to listen to, as shown by the following interview where she takes us on a stylish journey to Paris and Warsaw.

vienna_opera_ball_1 - Copy

The fairy tale of Vienna’s Opera Ball

The pearl on the crown of Vienna’s lavish ball season

There’s nothing quite like the Viennese carnival season – it’s a thing of fairy tales and princess stories, whimsical music and impeccable dancing, elite company and a genuine royal feel. And none more so than the spectacle of the Vienna Opera Ball.


The Story of Amina

H&M and the backyard of fashion

There are millions of people buying clothes from H&M, most of them are teenagers who like to wear fashionable looks at affordable prices but do they really know who is producing these garments and why they are so cheap.

ARD, a German public TV station confronted five young teenagers in Germany with...



Flowmotion Dance Company

Virtual Insanity

Virtual Insanity deals with the symbols, charms, possibilities and dangers of online communities and contemporary forms of communication. The iPhones, Smartphones, and similar virtual worlds are no longer tied to a computer, but are an integral part of our everyday lives. Whether in the subway, at school...


Life Ball 2011

Life Ball 2011

Last night the 19th Life Ball, the greates AIDS Charity Event in Europe took place in Vienna. Life Ball is pursuing two main goals by raising as much donations as possible to support certain AIDS-relief organizations and to increase the consciousness and awareness for HIV and AIDS. Thus celebrities like...