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Best Venice Cafe: Cafe Florian

A coffee addict’s search for the Best Venice Cafe

Top 5 places to try

While Italy has a fantastic coffee culture, Venice is surprisingly unbothered by it, so finding the perfect cup of coffee to kickstart your holiday might a tricky task. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Venice is beautiful, magical and romantic, but what it’s not is a coffee paradise. You can grab a cup for one euro or four in ay Venice cafe, in San Marco Square or on hidden alleys on the outskirts of town, but most coffee connoisseurs might be disappointed by tame flavours and sweet caffeinated drinks. We try to fix that and tempt your taste buds with these 5 places to try out.

Torrefazione Marchi

Best Venice Cafe: Torrefazione Marchi Find it at: Corte Zappa, 2808

For over 80 years, this Venice cafe in the Cannaregio region is tempting locals and visitors with the overwhelming smell of freshly roasted coffee. Being impossible to resist, the café stood the test of time and, today, it introduces Venetians to varieties of coffee beans from all over the world. And that’s both required to keep happy all the customers who buy over 1.500 cups of coffee they claim to make daily. If you want to be one of them, it’s good to know that breakfast usually can be accompanied by brioches and pastry.

You can also buy roasted blends to take home to your coffee loving friends. A little tip: their premier blend comes from Cafè de la Sposa, with eight types of Arabica coffee with low caffeine content.

Caffe Baglioni

Best Venice Cafe: Cafe BaglioniFind it at: San Marco, 1243

Hotel Luna Baglioni has often been referred to as being a little time capsule to the times past and the experience their café room offers is part of that old world charm. Its velvety wallpapered rooms are facing a charming canal, small but in a premium location. The entire atmosphere, with upholstered chairs, mahogany furniture, opulently framed oil paintings and silver candlesticks, brings an almost royal vibe to your coffee routine. Whether it’s at sunrise or sunset, the espresso and aperitivo served here are delightful. Top tip: if the weather behaves, the terrace of this Venice cafe is romantic and simply stupendous.

Café Florian

Best Venice Cafe:  Cafe FloranFind it at: St. Mark’s Square

Claiming to be one of the oldest coffee houses in the world, founded in 1720, they’ve seen it all, people in costume in particular. So you can drop by with your carnival mask or without it and you will feel at home between the opulent wallpapered walls and soft cherry velvets. Steeped in tradition, inevitable considering its location in St Mark’s Square, they take great care of artistic and cultural heritages so each visit is an enriching experience. One with a deep local flavour.

Besides gourmet dishes, coffee specialties find their way in the menu, with espressos (simple or with various liqueurs), frozen coffee, Irish coffee, Casanova chocolate with mint or ice chocolate gelato.

Cafe del Doge

Best Venice Cafe: Caffe del DogeFind it at: Calle dei Cinque

Caffe del Doge seems to be carrying the unofficial title of best Venice cafe and for good reason. With a story going back to the 1950s, this coffee roaster started in Venice and went worldwide with its Classic Venetian Roasting techniques. While its original location is a popular touristy area near the Rialto Bridge, it’s easy to miss the narrow alley on which this inconspicuous café is hiding. But make sure to keep an eye out and step inside for a wonderfully caffeinated experience.

They serve savoury single-origin espressos, seasonal blends and a tip for less serious coffee enthusiasts with a sweet tooth: the Giacametto – an invasion of cocoa, nuts and milky coffee.

Fujiyama Tea Room

Best Venice Cafe: Fujyiama Tea RoomFind it at: Calle Lunga de San Barnaba, 2727/A

If you prefer your caffeine fix in tea format, find this oriental oasis in the heart of the lagoon. Located inside a B&B near Campo San Barnaba, the tea room is decorated with Japanese and Chinese themes in mind, especially regarding the Oriental tradition of serving tea. Get a cup of black tea, green tea or oolong specialties from China and Japan but also cappuccino and classic teas.

The loveliest detail about this place is the jasmine-filled private garden, where you can enjoy a cup while browsing through newspapers or books about Asian culture. If you’ve finished your own travel reading, you can leave the book and exchange it for a new one.

If these delightful places still don’t satisfy your taste buds, feel free to check out the rest of our list and pick your favourite Venice café to visit on your next trip. And if you already have one, don’t keep it to yourself, share it with us! On here, on Facebook, in your own Guide to Venice.

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