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The Egon Schiele Project

Melancholy and Provocation

On the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Leopold Museum, Vienna dedicates its 2011 autumn exhibition to the early oeuvre of Egon Schiele. The exhibition "Melancholy and Provocation" is based on the works created by the 20 year old artist between 1910-1914 characterized by a strong sense of melancholy...

… and sadness, but also by Egon Schiele´s fascination with the unusual and the ecstatic and his enthusiasm for transforming the human body into a complete work of art.

As suggested by the exhibition’s subtitle – the Egon Schiele Project – six select artists from the fields of visual arts, dance and performance show their work and enter into a captivating dialogue with the oeuvre and personality of this eccentric fin-de-siècle artist.

The exibition of one of the most famous Austrian artists can be seen at Museum Leopold, between Sept 23 and Jan 30 2012 – so if you are in Vienna this time don´t miss the opportunity to come and see.

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