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EDU centre Shawes by Taha Alkadhi

Impressive Architecture gives North Iraq a new face

Multi-functional socio-cultural Centre for Adult Education in Shawes near Erbil (Northern Iraq/Kurdistan)

When Iraq is in the news it’s all about war, explosions and terrorism. But the country is more than that. In Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) one can witness tremendous developments...

… in many ways and very short time, like in urban design and building-constructions. An excellent example is the innovative architectural project by Taha Alkadhi who created a multi-functional socio-cultural Centre for Adult Education in Shawes near Erbil. The aim of the project was to solve the urban integration of Shawes into the city of Erbil and in the same way to provide the region with a center for leisure and education because lack of education dared to reduce the country´s social and economic stability during the aftermath of the Saddam Hussein era.

Taha Alkadhi mastered the challenge by implementing latest western architectural concepts like the use of the roof for passive energy production (electric power by photovoltaic arrays; cooling by solar energy) or the use of modern building materials like reinforced concrete and portable lightweight concrete as well as double-pane insulating glass with aluminum-coated fine plastic slats in the space between the panes. In addition artificial lakes and water surfaces on the building site create a pleasant microclimate for sport and leisure activities.

Taha Alkadhi (Kurd from Northern Iraq) lives and works in Vienna, Austria. He studied architecture at the Vienna University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Planning. He graduated in 2007, the EDU_centre shawes was his diploma project and was chosen one of the best works 2007 (“Archdiploma”). For additional information click here:

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