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Find any designer store in the world
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Top 10 luxury designer resorts

How fashion goes on a luxurious trip around the world

Everybody loves fashion. Everybody loves travel. So why not give the traveling fashionistas what they want by taking a stylish touch and applying it to a hotel, resort or spa? The unmistakable Donatella signature or Bvlgari logo are guarantees of quality whether they come on a silk dress, a diamond watch or a hotel building.


Issey Miyake x WOW

"Bloom Skin" wind installation in Tokyo

Fashion, Art and Architecture come together when Issey Miyake invites the Japanese visual design studio WOW...


Charles and Ray Eames

The Architect and the Painter

Charles and Ray Eames are one of the inventors of modern design, they gave shape to Americas second half of the 20th century and influenced the development of modernism or the rise of the computer age.

A new documentary "The Architect and the Painter" produced by Quest Productions and Bread and Butter...


EDU centre Shawes by Taha Alkadhi

Impressive Architecture gives North Iraq a new face

Multi-functional socio-cultural Centre for Adult Education in Shawes near Erbil (Northern Iraq/Kurdistan)

When Iraq is in the news it’s all about war, explosions and terrorism. But the country is more than that. In Northern Iraq (Kurdistan) one can witness tremendous developments...


Guangzhou Opera House by Zaha Hadid

Like River Valleys eroded by time

Zaha Hadid is for sure the most influential female architect today. After seven years of design and construction work her last project the Guangzhou Opera House was opened to the public. The 1800 seat auditorium of the Opera House houses the very latest acoustic technology, and the smaller 400 seat multifunction...


Pavilion 21 by Coop Himmelb(l)au

Bavaria State Opera unveils temporary pavilion

COOP HIMMELB(L)AU, Austrian based architects developed a temporary auditorium with a multifunctional stage named Pavilion 21 for the Bavarian State Opera. The architects led by design principal Wolf D. Prix found a perfect solution...


The Church to live in

The Church to live in

In the Netherlands the former church of St. Jacobs in Utrecht, was taken in the hands of the Zecc Architects and they metamorphosed it in a wonderful living space. By using as little architectural interventions as possible they transformed this medieval...


W57 – Denmark Architecture talents

Triangular wonder

"Futuristic hybrid of European perimeter block and Manhattan high-rise" is the definition of the W57 building in the West 57th street, currently under construction in New York. The team behind this project is the danish architecture group "Bjarke Ingels Group", a architecture agency that follows a steady...