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Plan your perfect fashion trip
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Best Sachertorte in Vienna: Sacher Hotel

Cake Wars: The Legendary Sachertorte

When delicious cake causes trouble

The Sachertorte is a mouth-watering delight that is a Viennese symbol as big as the Ferris wheel or the Schönbrunn Palace. But endlessly more tempting.

Best Floating Restaurants: 360Istanbul Suada Club

Top 5 Fantastic Floating Restaurants

Hop on board, from London to Dubai

Exotic travels are no longer required to enjoy stunning views while you cut your gourmet salmon. Whether it’s aboard boats, on pontoons or small islands, here are some of the most unique floating restaurants.


Top 5: Most Luxurious Vienna Spa

Regal pampering in lavish hotels

Whether you choose to step in Sisi’s shoes with a royal body treatment or simply sample a relaxing hammam, Vienna has luxurious pampering for everyone.

Tian Vienna

Top 7 Best Restaurants in Vienna

Gourmet cuisine and top notch service

Viennese cuisine will be a delight if you grab a reservation at any of these fantastic restaurants in the City of Music. With a touch of international and vegetarian delights as well.

Best Vienna Souvenirs: Sous Bois

Top 5 Cool Vienna Souvenirs Stores

From classic porcelains to unique recycled handbags

Sustainable fashion, exotic cosmetics or handmade home goods are some of the most appreciated and unusual souvenirs you can buy in Vienna. But there are some classics too.

Best Floating Bars: Grand Banks NYC

Top 5 Best Floating Bars In The World

Seaside lounges and futuristic boats

From Fiji to Iceland, you can enjoy the unique experience of sipping cocktails literally in the ocean without getting wet – if you do as recommended.

Best Cruise Ships: Seabourn Quest

Top 5 Best Cruise Ships for a Luxurious Summer

From Vancouver to Venice

Whatever route you take, these luxury cruises guarantee an unforgettable experience. Spas, gyms, gourmet cuisine and art lessons are the norm, with accommodation that leaves you pampered to no end.

Most Luxurious Floating Hotels: Floating House

7 Most Luxurious Floating Hotels

Upscale houseboats, cruise ships and lavish huts

There’s nothing like the sounds of the ocean to remind you that you’re on holiday. And you don’t even have to travel for hours to reach some of these places.

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