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Plan your perfect fashion trip
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The magic of Venetian masks by Tragicomica

A look at the hidden side of the mask

Gualtiero Dall'Osto is the man responsible for the best artisan atelier specialised in Venetian masks and he gives us a glimpse into his work, his inspiration and the fantastic world of the Venice Carnival.


SPAZIOiF – Sicilian handcraft in Rome

Irene Ferrara shares her passion for accessories

The designer and founder of SPAZIOiF talks about uniquely shaped handbags, necklaces made of pennies or paper and unconventional materials like cork, rope and PVC. The result will delight you!


Slow Fashion (slowly) reinvents the runway

But are we being helpful enough?

From cotton to couture, slow fashion tries to put together a better, healthier and fairer manufacture process for the clothes we buy. The main obstacle isn’t money or trends, but our own mentality.


Intrecciato – the signature of Bottega Veneta

“When your own initials are enough”

But truth be told, Bottega Veneta is one of those brands that need no label to present themselves – you recognize their products the second you see them. The notorious intrecciato pattern is more than a signature look but a true trademark of quality, and rightly so…


An artisan’s view on Venice by Madera

A modern concept store in a classic city

Francesca Meratti, the founder of Madera, talks about her passion for architecture & design, the handcrafted goodies you can buy in her store and the artisanal face of Venice


Alexandra Ruczynska – De Galluchat’s nomad

"I believe that an accessory should be a part of the person not the other way around"

Alexandra Ruczynska, the Creative Director of De Galluchat show us what it takes to build up an outstanding accessories and jewellery brand unique and takes us on a stylish journey to Paris and Warsaw.

de grisogono

De Grisogono-redefining high jewellery

A new way of doing things in the jewellery world

Not being the one for conservatism, de Grisogono peruses the world for the finest gemstones, not only the most precious and valuable, but also gems with personality and charisma, to satisfy the ever-increasing sophistication of the tastes of its clientele.


A Mexican Romance: Jenaro’s Visualcraft

Art and Fashion Photography in Mexico City

Mexico's visual artist extraordinaire seems to be as busy as the city itself. From fashion photography to street art, social networking and design he is buzzing with ideas. Lucky for us he could spare a minute to share them and give us insight into life and fashion Mexico.