Plan your perfect fashion trip
Plan your perfect fashion trip
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NYC guide with Carla Ortiz

NYC Guide: Fun and Fashion with Carla Ortiz

On cocktails and cocktail dresses

From Puerto Rico to New York and from fashion design to journalism, Latina blogger Carla Ortiz has a unique view on fashion. And it includes Margaritas!


Top 10 Fashion stores in Vienna

Vienna has so much more to offer than Christmas markets, New Year´s concert, pastry and coffee shops.

As a travel destination, the famous capital is packed with museums and landmarks of art and culture, so it makes for a popular holiday spot, particularly during winter, due to its perfect postcard fairytale ambiance. Still, if you go there for the history and the surroundings, its high end fashion scene is what might make you want to stay a little longer.

Most expensive hotels in the world: Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez

7 Most expensive hotels in the world

The luxurious suites that only the 1% can afford

When it comes to luxury, the hospitality industry offers us a level of opulence that is usually reserved for cartoon villains. But it’s not just about the looks, but also the special services.


What to wear in Vienna for a weekend trip

From breakfast to ballrooms

Vienna is a delightful home for princesses, philharmonics and street markets, so your holiday packing list must account for the elegance of the city.

Online store series: Avenue 32 Review

Online Store Series: Avenue 32 Review

British in address, British in spirit

And definitely British in style. Their elegant and show-stopping selection of established and emerging designers is matched by good services. Not a bad first impression.


Online Store Series: Totokaelo Review

Fashion for the classy tomboy

Seattle is raising its fashion game through this tempting online store that caters to a minimalist scandinavian style.

Best Amsterdam Spa: Guerlain Spa

In Search of the Best Amsterdam Spa

Our 5 favourite pampering hotspots

Orchid essence massages, colour therapy saunas and turquoise pools are just a few of the tempting offers of Amsterdam spas. We pick our favourites while craving for a spa day.

Wolf & Badger Online Store Review: Notting Hill Store

Online Store Series: Wolf & Badger Review

Putting the spotlight on independent designers

If you're on the lookout for trully unique pieces for your wardrobe that not even the runway in Paris have seen, these guys can help.

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