Plan your perfect fashion trip
Plan your perfect fashion trip
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Vienna Christmas Concerts: Musikverein

Top 5 Vienna Christmas Concerts 2016

Waltz your way through the Christmas holiday

The New Year’s Eve concerts and balls are a worldwide recognized highlight of the winter season in Vienna, but Christmastime has a lot to offer too.

5 Glamorous Airlines To Fly In Style

5 Glamorous Airlines To Fly In Style

Air travel doesn’t have to be a pain

Fast it may be but air travel isn’t always the most fun. Luckily, airlines are doing their best to improve the experience and offer sophisticated services for the most refined of clients.

5 Essential Venice Tourist Attractions: Piazza San Marco

5 Venice Tourist Attractions That Are Worth The Trouble

The best clichés from the lagoon

Venice is a very romantic and picturesque holiday destination that you will unavoidably share with too many other tourists. But these 5 places are worth braving the crowds.

Best October Holiday Destinations: Rome

Best October Holiday Destinations: Rome

The best time to visit a picturesque destination

Rome is on every traveller’s wish list for a charming holiday and its history combined with the beautiful architecture and good food make it a very crowded place. Not in October though.

Best Venice Museums: Peggy Guggenheim Museum

5 Unmissable Venice Museums

Romance and art go hand in hand

Venice might be a hotspot for marriage proposals but also has one of the most interesting stories to tell, from aristocracy tales to old and new crafts.

Best Venice Art Galleries: Bugno Art

Top 5 Venice Art Hotspots

Must-See galleries for cultural souvenirs

Beyond its romance, Venice is a place that gives tribute to Italian art thought various galleries scattered around town. Modern and contemporary art finds a welcoming place in the lagoon and this is where you should start exploring:

Top 5 Venice Shoes Stores: Fratelli Rossetti

Top 6 Venice Shoes Stores For Stylish Souvenirs

From big Italian brands to local shoemakers

If there’s one thing that’s essential when packing for Venice, it’s shoes. How do you blend Italian refinement with the absolute necessity of comfort when walking on cobbles and jumping in and out of boats?

Venice shopping hotspots: Al Duca d'Aosta

Top 5 Venice Shopping Hotspots

Contemporary style in atemporal surroundings

Venice is romantic, timeless and fascinating. What the tiny lagoon is not is a recognized fashion capital. That doesn’t mean a fashionista should skip this destination. Oh no, there are stylish places in Venice and we reveal them to you.

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